Apex Legends Mobile To Fix Out Of Control Bunnyhopping In Next Update

Bunnyhopping has been out of control in Apex Legends Mobile but the developers claim a fix is on the way.

Apex Legends Mobile bunnyhopping
Unlimited bunnyhopping is set to be a thing of the past in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile has entered its second season and while the game offers much of what makes the mainline game so enjoyable it does also have its share of bugs and issues.

From poor server performance and "fake" pings to a rather extreme version of bunnyhopping being present - Respawn Entertainment have their work cut out to keep up with the standards expected from the player base.

Thankfully, that bunnyhopping issue is set to be addressed with the developers confirming that it currently isn't working as expected.

Apex Legends Mobile To Get Bunnyhopping Fix In Next Update

Since Apex Legends Mobile has been in alpha, bunnyhopping has dominated the meta. Those who master the technique are able to move at incredible speeds, covering huge amounts of ground and, worse of all, able to continue doing it as long as they want. From the third-person perspective it is clear the characters are moving in a way unintended by the developers.

It has become a frequent complaint on social media and the Apex Legends Mobile subreddit, particularly with players calling out the devs for not fixing an issue that can so heavily influence the game. Others argued it was an intentional design decision by the dev team but today's announcement puts to bed those suggestions.

In a Twitter post on June 22, the Apex Legends Mobile devs confirmed they were working on a fix scheduled for the "next update".

"We have seen some interesting clips of players conserving momentum through (bunnyhopping), making for some wild movement," read the tweet. "The amount of momentum conservation through this tech, however, was never intended, so a fix for this will be included in our next update."

When that next update will arrive is not yet clear. The last major update was the Season 2 update released on June 15 which added Loba to the game. A smaller update released on June 21 led many to call out the developers for "spoofing" their new low pings.

It is highly unlikely any bunnyhopping fix will be left until the release of Season 3, expected at somepoint in the middle of July with a smaller update fixing the bunnyhopping issue probably coming to players in the next week.

Until then, Loba's Soiree has kicked off. Check out our guide for how to unlock a free Legend skin.