Apex Legends Mobile Fire Away Event: Challenges, Rewards, End Date

The Fire Away event can get you a free Flatline skin. Here are all the challenges, rewards, and tips for this Apex Legends Mobile event.

Apex Legends Mobile FIre Away event schedule
Get this half-light Haze skin in the Fire Away event. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile has entered its second season and has introduced master looter, Loba, to the game's roster.

There will soon be a Loba-centered event coming to the game but until then there is the Fire Away event which has some very tasty rewards for players to earn including the half-light Haze skin for the Flatline assault rifle.

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Fire Away Event - Schedule

The Fire Away event is now live having kicked off on June 17. It is set to run for five days finishing up at 12 am UTC on Wednesday, June 22.

Fire Away Event - Challenges

The Fire Away event is all about kills with a series of challenges that task you with getting a certain amount of kills or damage dealt with various weapons.

Each challenge you complete will award you points which subsequently unlock you the various rewards which include 100 Flux and the aforementioned Flatline skin.

Here are all the challenges:

  • Deal 500 damage with R-301 in any mode
  • Deal 800 damage with Flatline in any mode
  • Get 3 kills with Hemlok in any mode
  • Deal 100 damage with G7 Scout in a single match
  • Knock down enemies 15 times with Assault Rifle in any mode
  • Deal 2000 damage with Assault Rifles in any mode

Each challenge rewards you with 20 event points and you will need to complete all of them to unlock the skin.

The best way to complete these challenges is not actually through the main battle royale mode, but instead, through Team Deathmatch modes which will give you the opportunity to shoot more people, quicker, which is what this mode is all about.

Apex Legends Mobile Fire Away event challenges rewards
The Team Deathmatch modes will help you complete the Fire Away event fast. | © Respawn Entertainment

Now, let's get onto the rewards.

Fire Away Event - Rewards

In total, there are five rewards to earn with each reward needing a certain amount of event points.

  • 2000 Diamonds (15 points)
  • 1 Snowflake (35 points)
  • 4000 Diamonds (60 points)
  • 100 Flux (85 points)
  • Half-light Haze Flatline skin (120 points)
Fire away even apex legends mobile how to
Get your hand on 6000 Diamonds and 100 Flux in the Fire Away event. | © Respawn Entertainment

Diamonds are the new seasonal currency and can be traded for yet more rewards, so, if you are a fan of cosmetics the Fire Away event is well worth your time.

Remember, Team Deathmatch is your friend here and, if you do try to complete it in the battle royale mode, keep this page to hand as you can check off each challenge and try to complete as many of them as possible, in as few games as possible.

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