Apex Legends Mobile Is About To Become An Esport

The Esports Club Invitational Scrims will bring together India's best Apex Legends Mobile players for the game's first major esports tournament.

Apex Legends m Obile JBL quantam
The Esports Club Invitational Scrims is Apex Legends Mobile's first major tournament. | © The Esports Club

Apex Legends Mobile is set to get its first major esports event, with The Esports Club Invitational Scrims set to take place this weekend.

The event, which is a collaboration between tournament organizer The Esports Club and JBL Quantum Gaming Headsets, will feature some of the best teams from India.

The two-day event will take place from August 20-21, and sign-ups are now open.

Esports Comes To Apex Legends Mobile

India being the stage for Apex Legends Mobile's first major esports tournament is no surprise. The country is one of the major hotbeds of mobile gaming, with over 300 million mobile gamers, a result of the more ready availability of smartphones compared to more expensive PC and consoles.

Whether Respawn Entertainment and publisher EA plan to bring a version of the Apex Legends Global Series to mobile is not yet clear, with nothing divulged about their esports plans for Apex Legends Mobile. The success of third-party events like that this weekend will likely go a long way to determine their plans for the title.

Esports organizations have been slow to pick up players for Apex Legends Mobile, with only TSM FTX and their signing of Alexandre "Sonho" Luis Mostovoi and "1ceStream" in May of this year the only major moves.

Sonho 4
TSM FTX were the first movers in Apex Legends Mobile, but will anyone follow them? | © TSM FTX

That could quickly change, though, as the game's esports offering improves—this weekend being the first step in that process.

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