Players Accuse Apex Legends Mobile Devs Of "Spoofing" Ping Meter After Latest Update

A recent Apex Legends Mobile update has drastically reduced players' pings - but has it really?

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Players claim that their Apex Legends Mobile pings are being faked. | © Respawn Entertainment

Like many games that get a truly global launch, Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends Mobile has had its fair share of complaints in regard to poor server performance resulting in laggy games and high pings. However, a recent, unannounced, update that was released on June 21 resulted in many seeing that their ping had drastically reduced with many citing having a ping as low as 1ms.

But now, many are claiming that the update hasn't actually reduced the server latency at all and that the devs are "spoofing" aka faking their low pings.

Apex Legends Mobile Devs Accused Of Faking Low Pings

The most recent update for Apex Legends Mobile was released on June 21 but there was no announcement or patch notes from the devs, simply a notification, when launching, to download an update that amounted to an 11MB download.

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Apex Legends Mobile got a small update on June 21. | © Respawn Entertainment

That update didn't add any visible game features, but many players began reporting via social media that their ping in-game was much improved.

However, some of the figures reported (1ms in India for example) and how the game performance actually felt (certainly not 1ms) has led many to call foul.

A point also raised by many content creators and pro players including Modsix who stated there "ain't no way everybody just got 1ms".

A number of mobile content creators from Tribe Gaming also agreed that the new suddenly low pings just didn't match up.

A member of Tribe Gaming's Call of Duty: Mobile team also claimed that the pings were "fake".

However, others did feel server performance was improved with players in India especially happy with their new low pings. Others simply wanted the ability to choose their server - a feature not yet available in the game.

But is this simply a placebo effect? It's hard to tell without an official announcement on what the patch actually did though it is clear something has happened with the way server performance is tracked.

The game is still relatively new and it could be that this update is laying the groundwork for future work to be done on servers. Until then, we have the recently released Loba Soiree event to tackle.

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