Apex Legends Mobile Revenant: Abilities, Perks, How To Unlock, More

Revenant is the latest legend coming to Apex Legends Mobile. Here is how you unlock offensive legend and a look at his abilities and perks.

Revenant 3
Here are the abilities, perks, and more about Apex Legends Mobile's new Revenant legend. | © Respawn Entertainment

It comes as no surprise after the leaks and the teasers; Revenant will be the next legend to come to Apex Legends Mobile.

Arriving in Season 3.5: Underworld, the ex-hitman and offensive legend will be available in the game with the release of the new update on November 29.

Ahead of his release, details about Revenant's abilities and legend perks have been revealed, and he is already looking like a powerful addition to the game's roster of legends.

If you want to learn more about Revenant, including how you can unlock him, our guide below reveals all.

How To Unlock Revenant In Apex Legends Mobile

The ways to unlock Revenant have not yet been revealed; however, every new legend has been released in the same way since the launch of Apex Legends Mobile, with two avenues to unlock the legend.

One option is purchasing the legend using Syndicate Gold, the game's premium currency. Legends cost 750 Syndicate Gold (approx. USD 7) to unlock.

The other option is by unlocking it through the Underworld battle pass.

Apex Legends Mobile revenant
Revenant Fragments will likely be available through the Underworld battle pass. | © Respawn Entertainment

While it is not yet confirmed, it is likely the Underworld battle pass will contain Revenant Fragments. By collecting all ten Revenant Fragments, you will be able to use them to unlock Revenant.

If you don't collect all ten before the end of Season 3.5, they become Legend Fragments that can be used to unlock another legend.

The fastest way to level up the battle pass tiers is by completing the weekly missions and seasonal challenges.

Revenant's Abilities And Legend Perks

Revenant's abilities are the same as they are in the mainline game, with the offensive legend having a series of abilities that make him a tricky customer to come up against.


  • Stalker
    • Revenant is able to crouch-walk faster and climb higher than his foes.


  • Silence
    • Throw a device that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for short periods.


  • Death Totem
    • Drop a totem that protects those who use it from death for a set amount of time. Instead of being killed or downed, users will be teleported back to the totem and restored to a certain amount of health when they receive critical damage.

Legend Perks

In Apex Legends Mobile, legends get three perk slots, separated into perks, finishers, and abilities.

You can select one of three legend perks for each of the three slots, which you will need to unlock by playing with Ash and earning legend XP.

Recently legend perks are even more important, as they are now active during ranked play, a change made in Season 3: Champions.

Here are Revenant's legend perks:

  • Death Stalker: Crouch-walk speed increases
  • Nightmare Fuel: Climbing reloads your weapons.
  • Creeping Dread: Allows Revenant to climb with horizontal control.
  • No Rest For The Wicked: Death Totem grants Stalker to allies.
  • Fear Paralysis: Enemies hit by Silence will also be slowed.
  • Zombie Siphon: While under the effect of Death Totem, knocking enemies restores HP.
  • Battle Adaptation: Using your finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Deadly Momentum: Using your finisher reduces your Ultimates Cooldown by 30%
  • Interrogator: Using your Finisher Reveals the location of your target’s squad on the mini-map.

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