Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List (Season 2.5): All Legends Ranked From Best To Worst

Check out where all of Apex Legends Mobile characters rank in our Season 2.5: Hyperbeat tier list.

Apex legends crypto
Is Crypto meta in Apex Legends Mobile? Check out our legend tier list to find out. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile brings Respawn Entertainment's colorful battle royale to the small screen. Featuring a growing roster of legends new and old, there is plenty to wrap your head around whether you are new to the series or have experience with the mainline title.

Thankfully, help is at hand. Our Apex Legends Mobile tier list ranks each of the game's thirteen legends from best to worst. So, whether you are a solo warrior, a supportive teammate, or a soldier with no limits, this tier list will help you decide when is the best legend for you.

Update: This tier list is updated to include Season 2.5 and the latest legend, Crypto. For more on Crypto, check out our Crypto guide.

Apex Legends Mobile - Legends Tier List (Season 2.5)

This tier list is designed to give you an overview of the strongest legends in Apex Legends Mobile. We are not considering team composition, and you may find that one legend fits your playstyle more than another. Don't be afraid to trust your judgment on these matters, as mastering a legend's abilities can alleviate any legend to a powerful teammate and foe.

The following tier list ranks the legends from S (the best) to D (the worst), and we will continue to update this as more legends, and balance changes affect the meta.

S-Tier Legends For Mobile

  • Crypto
  • Fade
  • Octane
  • Wraith

Crypto is the newest legend added to the game, and the drone-wielding hacker goes straight into the S-tier. The subject of a rework earlier this year, in the mainline game, saw his kitted buffed, giving this recon legend's Surveillance Drone some quality-of-life improvements. Those changes make their way into Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5 and then some, with the developers tweaking his kit to make it more mobile-friendly, thus increasing his effectiveness.

If you like to know your surroundings - and who doesn't in a battle royale - then Crypto is a meta pick.

The first mobile-exclusive legend is also one of the game's most powerful. Fade is a bit of a shapeshifter and offers up two handy movement-based abilities that make him both easy to use and powerful in the mobile title.

Apex legends mobile fade abilities
Fade is one very tricky customer. | © Respawn Entertainment

The first is his passive, Slipstream, which makes him move faster when sliding, while the second, his Flash Back tactical, allows him to rewind through space and time, transporting him back to a previous location. Whether flanking, retreating, or rotating, Fade is your man.

Octane is the game's speedster and in the chaotic world of Apex Legends Mobile, where fights come thick and fast, his ability to slink in and out of combat faster than anyone else makes him extremely powerful. His abilities are also easy to use, a factor that shouldn't be dismissed when playing on the small screen of a mobile.

Apex legends mobile
Octane can slip in and out of battle. | © EA

Wraith has long been one of the most powerful legends, and her move to mobile hasn't changed that. Her invulnerability means that she, like Octane, can find themselves in a tricky spot but still escape unharmed. If she has one, her downside is her ultimate, which can be tricky to use on mobile but not enough to dent her place in the S-tier.

A-Tier Legends For Mobile

  • Bloodhound
  • Pathfinder
  • Gibraltar
  • Loba

Crypto's entry onto mobile means his fellow recon legend, Bloodhound, has dropped down a peg. Where previously, his ability to see through walls had no equal, that is no longer the case. Crypto's ability to share the information he gleams using his drone with his teammates more easily, there is now less reason to pick Bloodhound than there once was.

Pathfinder doesn't have many fans in regular ol' Apex Legends, but his kit suits the mobile version nicely. His movement abilities make him a great option to traverse quickly and attack opponents from surprising angles. Those same abilities make him great in the late game, capable of quickly rotating to the safe zone and putting him one step ahead of his opponents.

The only reason he doesn't make the S-tier is he can be quite tricky to use, something which can be negated by using a controller or playing the game on PC with an emulator and mouse and keyboard.

Pathfinder apex legends tier list
Pathfinder is better in Apex Legends Mobile than he is in the mainline game. | © Respawn Entertainment

Gibraltar may be popular with the pros, but his abilities have never quite translated down the ranks. A powerful defensive legend, his abilities lend themselves to a player that likes to play with their thinking cap on, but he suffers on the rough and ready mobile version that is played at a quicker pace than the mainline game.

However, his ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, which drops explosive ordinance on a chosen area, is great in the late game and can prove extremely clutch, earning him a place in the A-tier.

Loba is the game's latest legend and a very good pick - especially if you are a team player. The ultimate looter, she can quickly get you and your teammates kitted out with the best of gear. One of two support legends in the game, Loba really takes both the time and the hassle out of looting high-tier gear. A valuable commodity in the early game.

B-Tier Legends For Mobile

  • Lifeline
  • Mirage

A legend who gains from being ported to mobile is Lifeline. This support legend earns her place in the B-tier for her hands-off healing abilities which come up clutch time and again on mobile. Her Combat Revive tactical, which sees her drone revive teammates while she can continue the fight, takes the hassle out of being the designated healer.

You may not gain many plaudits for it, but having a Lifeline on your team will see you win more games than you lose.

Lifeline buff apex
Lifeline is a markedly better legend in Apex Legend Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

Mirage's abilities are better in theory than in practice though he does have some unforeseen benefits in Apex Legends Mobile that can make her a worthwhile pick. An offensive legend, Mirage's abilities are designed to confuse and disorientate opponents, but these abilities offer diminishing returns when up against more experienced players. In his defense, we've seen his passive, Now You See Me, be more useful on mobile; this ability, which cloaks Mirage while he is reviving a teammate, gives out a telling noise that alerts opponents. Mobile players tend to take heed of these audio cues less, making Mirage more powerful than he maybe ought to be.

Mirage apex legends mobile
Mirage has some unintended benefits in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

C-Tier Legends For Mobile

  • Bangalore
  • Rhapsody

We promise we didn't put Bangalore down here because she's so annoying. In fact, since Jackson's story has developed, we've actually grown to like her. But mechanically speaking, just don't play Bangalore. Her ultimate is lackluster and needs a huge buff, her passive is completely useless for experienced players, and the tactical smokes are far too fiddly to use effectively on mobile.

Sorry, we don't have a positive counterpoint, but we're just trying to be honest: you shouldn't play Bangalore if you want to be mechanically strong in Apex Legends Mobile.

It may well be that Rhapsody grows on us, but the support legend - at the moment - struggles to make an impression. Her abilities are too situational, and unless you are running a pretty tight squad, you will fail to get the most out of her. These support legends always struggle to make an impact (see: Lifeline); however, if you do have a well-coordinated squad with proper comms, you'' find that Rhapsody's effectiveness increases.

D- Tier Legends For Mobile

  • Caustic

Now into the D-tier, we have Caustic. He's not very strong on mobile or the base game right now, with his problems laying with how situational his abilities are. And frankly, Caustic is even worse on mobile. Setting up a good gas trap is much more difficult on a cramped mobile display and you really should look to another legend if you want to bring home those wins.

Caustic Apex Legends 1
Stay well clear of Caustic in Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment