Apex Mobile Season 4 May Have Just Been Delayed 4 Weeks

It looks like Apex Legends Mobile Season 4 has been delayed.

Underworld 5
We may be stuck in Underworld for a while longer. | © Respawn Entertainment

Some bad news for fans of Apex Legends Mobile, as it looks like Season 4 is delayed, with it now set to come out in February.

While the developers never gave an official release date for Season 4, the Season 3.5 battle pass has an end date of January 10, with the assumption being that would be Season 4's launch date.

However, from today (December 30), the date seen in the Underworld Hub - which runs concurrently with the season itself - has changed to February 14.

While this isn't cast iron proof of a delay, this wouldn't be the first time a season missing its launch date was communicated to players in such a way.

Previously, Season 3 was pushed back two weeks, with the developers releasing the Season 2.5: Aftershow update - with a shortened battle pass included - to tide players over.

Aftershow 2
The Aftershow update was released to give players something to do before the release of Season 3. | © Respawn Entertainment

Whether something similar will happen again is yet to be seen, but this is just another sign that the developers are struggling to keep up with their own timeframes for updates.

The lack of genuine live service content has been a frequent criticism from the community, with very few events or new additions for players to dig into between seasons, meaning once you complete the battle pass, there is very little for returning players to do. A delay to an entire season worth of content will do little to quell the complaints.

Season 4 was meant to be the point when the game was to get back on track. Fans expect the popular Olympus map, offensive legend Horizon, and the second signature weapon to be added to the game - and they will be... just maybe a month later than expected.

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