Olympus Coming To Apex Legends Mobile In Season 3, Claims Leaker

We've had World's Edge and Kings Canyon, and now it looks like Apex Legend Mobile players will get to drop into Olympus in Season 3.

Olympus Apex Legends Mobile
Once "a city built on dreams," Olympus is now a stage for the Apex Games. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is set to get the Olympus battle royale map in Season 3, claims a leaker.

The leak comes courtesy of YouTuber, ThatOneGamingBot, and is reportedly from a test build of the game.

According to Apex lore, Olympus is a paradise gone wrong built by billionaire humanitarian Lillian Peck; the city floats in the clouds above Pasamthe and was once home to the planet's brightest and best. Those days are over, the city's flirtation with Phase Technology causing a rift to develop and causing its inhabitants to flee. First a tourist destination for the rich and wealthy, it was subsequently made a site for the Apex Games.

Olympus was the third battle royale map released in the mainline game, and if these leaks prove true, that will be the case for Apex Legends Mobile too, which launched with World's Edge, which was replaced with King's Canyon in Season 2: Distortion.

Olympus Is Coming To Apex Legends Mobile

The map set to come to Apex Legends Mobile is reportedly a version of the first iteration of the Olympus map, meaning the changes introduced in Season 9 with the Medusa vines and Season 12 with the Phase Driver and Terminal POI are not included.

Apex Legends mobiles oylmpus
The Terminal POI seemingly won't be making a way on Apex Mobile's version of Olympus. | © Respawn Entertainment

The leak definitely appears genuine, with ThatOneGamingBot also claiming that Season 3 will be "gladiator" themed and will also introduce the heavy-hitting Rampage light-machine gun.

Season 3 is still a while off, though. The Crypto-led Hyperbeat season launched earlier this week and is expected to run until early November.

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