Brawl Stars Balance Changes (June 2023): All Buffs And Nerfs

Here's a complete overview of all the buffs and nerfs introduced in the Brawl Stars balance changes for June 2023.

Brawl Stars June2023 Balance Changes
We'll show you all the buffs and nerfs included in the recent Brawl Stars balance changes. | © Supercell

What an exciting past fews months it has been for Brawl Stars! The game has undergone a massive transformation after the introduction of Bling, the addition of Maisie, and the May balance changes after Season 18 was launched.

Now, Brawl Stars has geared up for another round of changes. Starting with Hank - a new Epic brawler - who will be making his way to the roster selection soon. On top of that, the devs have introduced another set of balance changes which has recently been implemented in the game.

As usual, they include a variety of buffs and nerfs that target certain brawlers inhopes of re-balancing the meta and creating new gameplay strategies. We'll take a look at all of them below.

Brawl Stars Balance Changes (June 2023) - All Buffs And Nerfs

Willow Brawl Stars
An overview of all the recent balance changes in Brawl Stars is listed below. | © Supercell

As mentioned earlier, a mix of buffs and nerfs was introduced in the June balance changes. 8-Bit, Mortis, Tara, and Willow were buffed. Meanwhile, Ash, Bea, Janet, Max, Meg, Penny, Shelly, and Surge were nerfed.

Here are the balance changes in detail:

BrawlerBalance Changes
  • Base HP increased from 4,800 → 5,000
  • Base HP decreased from 5,400 → 5,200
  • Super charge increased from 3 ammo → 4 ammo
  • Drop the Bass (Gadget) turret HP decreased from 1,500 → 1,000
  • Drop the Base (Gadget) turret HP decay increased from 50 → 100
  • Base damage decreased from 1,000 → 940
  • Hits to Super increased from 6 → 7
  • Max HP decreased from 3,200 → 3,000
  • Damage decreased from 340 → 320
  • Hits to Super increased from 13 shots → 14 shots
  • Mecha HP decreased from 4,000 → 3,700
  • Jolting Volts (Gadget) healing decreased from 450 → 300
  • Basic damage increased from 900 → 940
  • Salty Barrel (Gadget) HP decreased from 2,000 → 1,500
  • Base HP decreased from 3,400 → 3,200
  • Shell Shock (Star Power) slow decreased from 4.5 seconds → 2 seconds
  • Base HP decreased from 3,800 → 3,700
  • Power Shield (Gadget) duration decreased from 5 seconds → 2 seconds
  • Power Shield (Gadget) damage reduction decreased from 80% → 50%
  • Basic damage per card increased from 440 → 480
  • Cards to Super decreased from 12 → 11
  • Mind-controlled enemies now do not charge their super from damage dealt when mind controlled by Willow
  • Super range increased from 23 → 25
  • Willow now takes 25% less damage when mind-controlling an enemy

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