Brawl Stars: Candyland (Season 16) Brawl Pass Rewards

Season 16 of Brawl Stars, Candyland, has brought in a new Brawl Pass to the game. Check out all the rewards you can get below.

Brawl Stars Candyland Rewards Banner
The Candyland season brings a new Brawl Pass full of big rewards. | © Supercell

A new season has landed in Brawl Stars. Titled Candyland, we'll finally be seeing a large portion of the December update come into play after the arrival of the previous game-changing additions. This includes the new Brawler: Mandy.

Key amongst these additions was the removal of Boxes from Brawl Stars. Supercell wanted to ensure that players weren't relying on luck or chance to earn Brawlers and other rewards. Rather, they wanted to create a more certain way of obtaining all in-game items. This led to the creation of the Starr Road and Chromatic Shop.

Now, the removal of Boxes was extremely impactful on the Brawl Pass as most of its reward tiers contained varying types of Boxes. In the Candyland season, Boxes have been replaced with other rewards such as Credits and Chroma Credits.

Understandably, these are big changes, and it'll take some getting used to. Let's go through this new season's Brawl Pass and all the rewards within them.

Brawl Stars Candyland Season - Free Brawl Pass Rewards

Brawl Stars Free Brawl Pass
Here are all the rewards from the free Candyland Brawl Pass. | © Supercell

A variety of rewards will be available on the free Brawl Pass in Brawl Stars. This includes items such as Credits, Chroma Credits, Coins, and Gems.

Here are all the rewards in the Candyland Free Brawl Pass:

TierNumber Of Tokens To UnlockReward


095 Credits
175165 Power Points
27510 Gems
3100640 Coins
415095 Credits
5200185 Power Points


300640 Coins
740060 Chroma Credits
840095 Credits
9400640 Coins
10400185 Power Points
1140040 Chroma Credits
1240095 Credits
13400640 Coins
1440010 gems
15400185 Power Points
1640095 Credits
1740040 Chroma Credits
18400640 Coins
19400185 Power Points
2040095 Credits
2150040 Chroma Credit
2250020 Gems
23500185 Power Points
24500640 Coins
2550095 Credits
26500185 Power Points
2750040 Chroma Credits
28500640 Coins
29500185 Power Points
3050095 Credits
3150040 Chroma Credits
32500640 Coins
3350095 Credits
34500185 Power Points
3550040 Chroma Credits
3650010 Gems
37500640 Coins
3850095 Credits
39500185 Power Points
4050040 Chroma Credits

640 Coins

42600185 Power Points
4360095 Credits
4460010 Gems
45600640 Coins
4660040 Chroma Credits
47600185 Power Points
48600640 Coins
4960095 Credits
50600185 Power Points
51600640 Coins
5260010 Gems
53600185 Power Points
5460095 Credits
5560040 Chroma Credits
56600640 Coins
57600185 Power Points
5860095 Credits
5960040 Chroma Credits
60600640 Coins
61600185 Power Points
6260020 Gems
6360095 Credits
64600185 Power Points
6560040 Chroma Credits
66600185 Power Points
67600640 Coins
6860095 Credits
69600240 Power Points
70600Pin Pack

Brawl Stars Candyland Season - Brawl Pass Rewards

Brawl Stars Premium Brawl Pass
Here are all the rewards from the premium Brawl Pass in the Candyland season. | © Supercell

The new Chromatic brawler, Mandy, will be available as a reward in this season's Brawl Pass.

Two different types of Brawl Pass are available in Season 16: the regular Brawl Pass and the Brawl Pass Bundle. You can purchase either one of them with Gems. Here are their respective prices and perks:

  • Regular Brawl Pass (169 Gems): You will gain access to the Brawl Pass rewards, earn extra Quests, and be granted five Quest rerolls per week.
  • Brawl Pass Bundle (249 gems): You will earn all the perks of the regular Brawl Pass and have the first six tiers of the Brawl Pass already unlocked.

Regardless of the one you purchase, here are all the rewards you can get in the Candyland Brawl Pass:

TierNumber Of Tokens To UnlockReward


0Gummy Bear Nita
175160 Power Points
27545 Credits
3100335 Coins

160 Power Points

520045 Credits


300335 Coins
7400160 Power Points
840045 Credits
9400335 Coins
10400Pin Pack
11400160 Power Points
1240045 Credits
13400335 Coins
14400160 Power Points
1540045 Credits
16400335 Coins
17400160 Power Points
1840045 Credits
19400335 Coins
20400Crown Spray
21500160 Power Points
2250045 Credits
23500335 Coins
24500160 Power Points
2550045 Credits
26500335 Coins
27500160 Power Points
2850045 Credits
29500160 Power Points
31500Mandy Pin (Happy)
3250045 Credits
33500Mandy Pin (Sad)
34500335 Coins
35500Mandy Pin (Clap)
3650045 Credits
37500Mandy Pin (Angry)
38500335 Coins
39500160 Power Points
4050045 Credits
41600Mandy Pin (Thanks)
42600335 Coins
43600Sweet Tooth Spray
44600160 Power Points
45600Mandy Pin (GG)
46600335 Coins
4760045 Credits
48600335 Coins
49600Mandy Pin (Phew)
5060045 Credits
51600Mandy Pin (Special)
52600335 Coins
53600Magma Mandy Pin (Neutral)
54600160 Power Points
55600Magma Mandy Pin (Clap)
5660045 Credits
57600Magma Mandy Pin (Angry)
58600160 Power Points
59600Magma Mandy Pin (Sad)
60600335 Coins
61600Magma Mandy Pin (Happy)
62600335 Coins
63600Magma Mandy Pin (Thanks)
6460045 Credits
65600Magma Mandy Pin (GG)
66600160 Power Points
67600Magma Mandy Pin (Phew)
68600335 Coins
69600Magma Mandy Pin (Special)
70600Magma Mandy

The Candyland season Brawl Pass will be available in Brawl Stars between January 2 and March 6, 2023.

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