Brawl Stars: Guide To In-Game Currencies

Here's a complete overview of all the in-game currencies available in Brawl Stars and how you can get them.

Brawl Stars Currencies
Here's a handy guide to all the currencies in Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

Brawl Stars is a game all about getting the best brawlers, upgrading them, getting their cosmetics, and using them in games and events. But, you'll need something if you want to make it far in any of those respects: In-game currencies.

There are several currencies currently available in Brawl Stars. These range from items such as Coins, Gems, and Credits, for example. They're hugely important to your overall progress in the game, so it's vital that you know what each one of them does and how you can get them. We'll be sharing all these details below.

All In-Game Currencies In Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Shop Currencies
In-game currencies can get you all sorts of items from the shop. | © Supercell

There are currently ninedifferent types of currencies in Brawl Stars: Bling, Coins, Club Coins, Credits, Chroma Credits, Gems, Power Points, Tickets, and Tokens. Each one of them has a different purpose and place in which they can be used.

Here's an explanation of each of these individual currencies:

BlingBling can be used to buy cosmetics such as Profile Icons, Pins, Skins, and Sprays.

You can earn Bling at the Brawl Pass, Power League, Trophy League, Quests, and Challenges.
CoinsCoins (in combination with Power Points) can be used to upgrade any of your Brawlers or buy items from the Shop.

You can earn Coins through the Brawl Pass, Challenges, Quests, and Trophy Road.

Club CoinsClub Coins can be used to purchase items from the Club Shop.

You can earn Club Coins by participating in the Club League.

CreditsCredits can be used to unlock brawlers on the Starr Road.

You can earn Credits through the Trophy Road and Brawl Pass.

Chroma CreditsChroma Credits can be used to purchase Chromatic brawlers in the Chromatic Shop.

You can earn Chroma Credits through the Brawl Pass, Challenges, Shop Offers, and Quests.

GemsGems are the premium in-game currency that can be used to purchase new Brawlers, Skins, Token Doublers, extra Challenge attempts, Gadgets, Star Power, Gears, and Special Offers from the Shop.

You can earn Gems in the Brawl Pass and by purchasing them from the in-game Shop.

Power PointsPower Points (in combination with Coins) can be used to upgrade any of your brawlers.

You can earn Power Points through the Brawl Pass and Trophy Road.

TokensTokens contribute to your progress through both the free and premium track of the season's Brawl Pass.

You can earn Tokens by completing Quests.

TicketsTickets can be used to join a Club League match.

You will be given four Tickets at the beginning of every Club League event day.

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