COD Mobile 74032 Error: How To Fix

This guide explains how you can fix the COD: Mobile 74032 error while talking about a few other things.

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Here's a guide on how to fix the COD: Mobile 74032 error. | © Activision Blizzard

COD: Mobile is a live service battle royale game that has a fair share of errors, bugs, and such other problems that players encounter every now and then.

One of the many infamous issues includes the "The player's version is out of date. (74032)(74032)" error in COD: Mobile that players encounter while trying to play with their friends after updating the game.

This is where our guide comes in handy as we share details on how you can fix the COD: Mobile 74032 error, so keep reading.

How To Fix COD Mobile 74032 Error

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Try the below troubleshooting steps to fix COD: Mobile error 74032. | © Activision Blizzard

You can fix the COD: Mobile 74032 error by updating your game to the latest version while ensuring the friends you are playing or trying to play also have the same update installed.

You must also ensure the map you are trying to play is downloaded and installed. You can check it from the Download Manager, denoted by the arrow icon at the bottom of the main lobby screen.

If the above things are in check and the error persists, try restarting COD: Mobile, as there are many times when the game receives minor updates that players fail to download for one reason or another.

The player's version is out of date. (74032)(74032)
by u/fatedestinyca in CallOfDutyMobile

So, to make sure that isn't the case, restart the game while having an active internet connection with no VPN or manual proxy settings.

If nothing works, you can try reinstalling the game even though it has nothing to do with the "The player's version is out of date. (74032)(74032)" error.

Keep in mind, the COD: Mobile error 74032 is mainly encountered when trying to access multiplayer features like adding friends, playing with friends, and such things. So whatever fix you are applying, your friend must also use them to ensure you can play COD: Mobile together.

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