Clash Of Clans: January 2023 Season Gold Pass Rewards

The January 2023 season brings in a new Gold and Silver Pass to Clash of Clans. We'll be diving into all the rewards both of them have to offer.

Clashof Clans Jan2023 Banner
Here's a complete overview of the Gold and Silver pass in Clash of Clans for January 2023. | © Supercell

A new season brings new monthly challenges and rewards to Clash of Clans. As usual, there are two types of challenges: 'Daily Challenges' and 'Active Challenges'. The former are tasks that are refreshed every day, while the latter lasts for the entirety of the season. The challenges will vary for each player.

You can complete these challenges to earn 'Challenge Points' that will help you climb reward tiers and unlock prizes. There are two types of reward passes the free 'Silver' and the exclusive 'Gold.'

There'll be various rewards available such as Magic items, currencies, and other in-game items. Here's a look at all of them that will be available in January 2023.

Clash Of Clans January 2023 Season - Silver Pass Rewards

Clashof Clans Jan2023 Silver
These are the rewards available in the January 2023 season challenge. | © Supercell

The Silver Pass is free for all Clash of Clans players.

Here are all the rewards available in the Silver Pass for January 2023:

Challenge PointsRewards

10,000 Dark Elixir

160500 Capital Gold
2601 x Hero Potion
3801 x Super Potion


1,000,000 Builder Gold
6601,000 Capital Gold
8201,000,000 Elixir
98020,000 Dark Elixir
1,1401,000,000 Gold
1,3001,500 Capital Gold
1,5001,000,000 Builder Elixir
1,7001 x Research Potion
2,0002,000,000 Gold
2,3002,000,000 Elixir
2,6001 x Book of Heroes

Clash Of Clans January 2023 Season - Gold Pass Rewards

Warrior Champion Co C Skin
The Warrior Champion skin is up for grabs in this season's Gold Pass. | © Supercell

The Gold Pass is an exclusive path you can unlock by purchasing it for USD 4.99. This reward pass offers better rewards than the Silver Pass. This season, you'll be able to unlock the exclusive 'Warrior Champion' Archer Queen skin.

Here are all the rewards available in the Gold Pass for January 2023:

Challenge PointsRewards
401 Gem donations
8010% Builder boost
12010% Training boost
16010% Research boost
200Bigger Season bank
2601 x Power Potion

3,000 Capital Gold


1 x Rune of Builder Gold

4405 x Wall Rings
5001 x Book of Spells
5801 x Shovel of Obstacles
660Bigger Season Bank

1 x Book of Fighting

82015% Training boost
90015% Builder boost
98015% Research boost
1,0601 x Rune of Gold
1,1405 x Wall Rings
1,220Bigger Season Bank

2 x Resource Potions

1,4001 x Rune of Elixir
1,5001 x Rune of Dark Elixir
1,60020% Research boost
1,70020% Training boost
1,85020% Builder boost
2,000Bigger Season Bank


2 x Clock Tower Potions

1 x Book of Heroes

2,4501 x Builder Potion
2,600'Warrior Champion' Archer Queen skin

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