Best Clash Royale Decks For Trophy Road (January 2023)

There are currently a few decks dominating the Trophy Road in Clash Royale during January 2023.

Clash Royale Trophy Road Decks Jan
These decks are dominating the Trophy Road in January 2023. | © Supercell

Trophy Road is often known as a casual mode in Clash Royale. But, if we're being honest, it is anything but casual. The game mode is just as competitive as the ranked mode because it can be somewhat difficult to climb.

With that in mind, we've put together the best decks that you can currently use in Clash Royale Trophy Road. Arguably, they're mostly for players near the end of this mode as most of the cards required can only be unlocked in the latter stages of the Trophy Road.

Regardless, we've taken into consideration the recent balance changes, the addition of the new Monk and Phoenix cards, and well as the new Phoenix nerfs.

Best Clash Royale Decks For Trophy Road

Monk Phoenix Clash Royale Trophy
Like Ranked mode, Monk and Phoenix are in most Trophy Road decks. | © Supercell

The current meta loves low-cost decks that rely heavily on obtaining the most value from both the Monk and Phoenix. Because of the cards' cheap costs, you can adequately rush your opponents with high-damage troops and powerful spells.

That being said, here are the best decks you can use in Trophy Road at the moment. With the help of RoyaleAPI, we've included the deck's win rates, the cards you'll need to build it, and the deck's average Elixir cost:

DeckWin RateCardsAverage Elixir Cost
Royal Hogs Monk Phoenix Firecracker62.1%Royal Hogs, Monk, Phoenix, Earthquake, Firecracker, Goblins, Ice Spirit, and The Log3.0
Monk Graveyard Phoenix Zappies61.4%Graveyard, Monk, Phoenix, Poison, Goblins, Zappies, Barbarian Barrel, and Tombstone


Monk LumberLooon Phoenix Electro Dragon60.1%Balloon, Monk, Lumberjack, Phoenix, Electro Dragon, Tornado, Freeze, and Barbarian Barrel3.9
Golem Dark Prince Phoenix Electro Dragon59.9%Golem, Lumberjack, Phoenix, Dark Prince, Electro Dragon, Tornado, Barbarian Barrel, and Elixir Collector4.5

Monk Miner Poison Phoenix

59.2%Miner, Monk, Phoenix, Poison, Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, The Log, and Bomb Tower3.1
Mortar Skeleton King Miner Phoenix59.1%Mortar, Skeleton King, Miner, Phoenix, Skeleton Army, Fireball, Goblin Gang, and Dart Goblin3.5
Monk Miner Poison Phoenix Cycle59.0%Miner, Monk, Phoenix, Poison, Goblins, Ice Spirit, The Log, and Bomb Tower3.0
Electro Giant Phoenix Tornado Pump57.7%Electro Giant, Phoenix, Goblins, Bomber, Mirror, Tornado, Heal Spirit, and Elixir Collector3.3
Skeleton King Graveyard Ice Wizard Phoenix57.4%Graveyard, Skeleton King, Phoenix, Poison, Ice Wizard, Tornado, Barbarian Barrel, and Tombstone3.5

LumberLoon Double Dragon Bowler Freeze

56.4%Balloon, Lumberjack, Inferno Dragon, Bowler, Electro Dragon, Tornado, Freeze, and Barbarian Bowler


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