Clash Royale: Buildings Tier List (September 2022)

Buildings are great cards that rarely see any play in Clash Royale. But, we believe in their potential for greatness. So, we tested them out in the September 2022 meta and have come to a tier list that definitively ranks them all!

Buildings Clash Royale
Where will your favorite building be on our tier list? | © Supercell

Besides the usual troops in Clash Royale, there are also incredibly powerful buildings. Buildings are immovable structures in the arena that can provide an incredible advantage over your opponents - if you pick the right one. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of room for experimentation in Clash Royale to test out which buildings are the best for you in the current meta. Lucky for you, we've done all the experimentation and have come to a definitive list of all the buildings currently in the game!

Here's a tier list that ranks all the buildings in Clash Royale and how they stack up in the September 2022 meta. Let's go!


Building Tier List Clash R Oyale Sept
Here's a definitive ranking of all the buildings in Clash Royale for September 2022! | © Supercell / Tiermaker

There are 13 buildings in Clash Royale. Some are better than others while some are not so great. The tier list begins at S-tier. Any card finding itself here can be considered an amazing addition to any deck. The tier list goes down the ranking order and ends with C-tier. The cards here are considered unfit for the current Clash Royale meta. Without further ado, let's take a closer look at why they're where they are on the list!


Goblin Cage Clash Royale
The Goblin Cage is a super powerful building! | © Supercell

It's a good day to have a Goblin Cage, Tombstone, and Inferno Tower in your deck! They're the best buildings in the game at the moment and can provide significant advantages in most games. They're also very good at countering some of the more annoying aggro decks.

Here are all the reasons why they belong in S-tier:

  • Goblin Cage: You can drop the Goblin Cage anywhere in the Arena for four Elixir. This building houses a tanky Goblin Brawler that will distract most enemy troops with their incredibly high damage. This card has seen play in beatdown decks as well as in most Goblin-themed decks as a defensive card. The Goblin Brawler also doubles as a good damage dealer to Princess Towers.
  • Tombstone: These are a great and cheaper alternative to the Skeleton army and the Graveyard spell. This three Elixir card is an incredibly versatile card that can fit into any deck. Tombstone can function as an attacking option as it spawns two Skeletons every few seconds (and four more when it's destroyed) and also function as a defensive option because it can distract enemy troops.
  • Inferno Tower: The Inferno Tower has been climbing up the ranks during the current meta - especially in the mid-tier trophy rankings. For 5 Elixir, the Inferno Tower is great for clearing tanks and supporting troops. Not to mention it's great at tackling low-health swarm troops like Bats, Goblin, and Skeletons. It's definitely a surprise S-tier pick.


Xbow Tier List Clash Royale
The X-bow is one powerful Building in Clash Royale! | © Capey_3D on Twitter

These above-average buildings see some play in the current Clash Royale meta. We've got X-Bow, Furnace, Cannon, and Goblin Hut. They're great additions to any deck but wouldn't exactly bring any big advantages with them like those in S-tier.

Here's a breakdown:

  • X-Bow: This six Elixir crossbow may have low damage and be quite expensive, but it makes it up with its long-range and super-fast projectile speed. It's a worthy pick to include in your arsenal to counter most of the aggro swarm-type decks. Low-health swarms and average-health troops can be quickly dispatched while the tankier troops' health can be quickly reduced.
  • Furnace: Furnaces have been rising up in the current meta as an effective counter against swarm decks. An added benefit is that once the Furnace is destroyed, a Fire Spirit will spawn that will neutralize the remaining enemy troops. It can be somewhat weak against spells but it's quite the underdog pick to surprise your opponents with!
  • Cannon: This three Elixir cost card is on the rise in the current meta! Despite Cannons only being a temporary building in the Arena, it boasts decent hit points and good damage. These incredible damage dispensers have seen play in the Balloon Freeze and Hog Cycle decks which are amongst some of the most popular in Clash Royale at the moment.
  • Goblin Hut: You get to spawn a Spear Goblin every four seconds with this five Elixir building. They can be a great stand-alone building that can deal massive damage to Towers if you deploy them behind your Princess Towers.


Bomb Tower Clash Royale
Bomb Tower is the worst card in the B-Tier list! | © Supercell

Barbarian Hut, Mortar, Tesla, and Bomb Tower are classified as B-tier in our Building Tier list. They're below average in terms of performance against decks in the current meta. They might have seen some play in the past but they're not reliable enough to see play in any deck at the moment.

Here's a rundown for each card:

  • Barbarian Hut: This seven Elixir Hut has high HP and spawns a pair of Barbarians every 10 seconds. These Barbarians pose as valuable offensive units but can also double as good support. Even after its destruction, it will spawn several Barbarians to make it more durable. It would be rated higher but its high cost is a big setback as most decks currently favor cheap cards.
  • Mortar: The mortar was the worst building card in the previous month. However, it has seen somewhat of a superhero arc. Some decks in the current meta run the Mortar as a pick that can deal damage to slow-moving troops. We've noticed that the mortar is a popular pick to place across the river in the arena as a good distraction for enemy troops.
  • Tesla: The current meta sees aggro decks that love to use Hog Riders, Balloons, and other swarm troops. The Tesla is a great four Elixir cost choice to counter these types of decks. However, they do not offer much besides defensive purposes as the Tesla will bury itself underground when idle.
  • Bomb Tower: In with ANOTHER four Elixir building, the Bomb Tower is somewhat good at clearing swarms with its damage output. But it can only target ground units which means that air troops get a free pass. The current meta loves Bats, Baby Dragons, and Balloons so unfortunately, the Bomb Tower isn't exactly a great pick right now.


Drill Goblin Clash Royale
The Goblin Drill is honestly the worst building card in Clash Royale at the moment... | © Supercell

The worst buildings in Clash Royale are Elixir Collector and Goblin Drill. They're incredibly weak and honestly, shouldn't be played in any deck in the game at the moment.

Here's why they belong in C-tier:

  • Elixir Collector: This six Elixir building is completely passive - it doesn't add any offensive or defensive capabilities. It can accelerate the rate at which you collect Elixir which will definitely be useful if you're running a mid to high-range deck. But, the big downside is that they're expensive and by the time you reap the rewards of the extra Elixir, the swarm decks - that run rampant in the current meta - will have already overwhelmed you.
  • Goblin Drill: You can deploy this building anywhere in the Arena for four Elixir. It will spawn Goblins regularly and even upon its destruction. The only problem with it is that it doesn't exactly synergize well with most decks in the current meta, so its strengths are extremely overshadowed.

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