COD Mobile Full Frontal Assault Event: Start/End Date, Rewards, More

Full Frontal Assault is the newest seasonal event in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9. Here is everything you need to know.

Dr h anime
The M4 - Hang Ten is just one of the rewards available in COD: Mobile's Full Frontal Assault event. | © Activision Blizzard

A new seasonal challenge has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile, with Full Frontal Assault all about expressing yourself with the game's arsenal of assault rifles.

By completing the challenges, you can earn yourself two weapon blueprints and a healthy dose of battle XP.

And while one of the weapon blueprints is available through the Ranked Series 4 rewards, the fact this seasonal challenge is so easy makes it well worth doing.

Our guide below details all you need to know about Full Frontal Assault, including the start and end date and all rewards.

COD: Mobile Full Frontal Assault - Start And End Date

The Full Front event went live at midnight UTC on Thursday, October 27.

The event is scheduled to run for 14 days, with an end time of midnight on Wednesday. November 9.

Full Frontal Assault - Challenges And Rewards

There are six challenges as part of the Full Frontal Assault seasonal challenge, which must be completed in order.

Alongside an item or cosmetic reward, most of the challenges earn you between 1000-4500 battle pass XP.

Full frontal assault
The Full Frontal Assault event has six challenges. | © Activision Blizzard

The challenges and rewards are:

  • Challenge #1: Play two MP matches or play one BR match
    • Reward: Credits (200) and battle pass XP (1000)
  • Challenge #2: Kill 15 enemies with any assault rifle
    • Reward: Ranked Shield Card and battle pass XP (1000)
  • Challenge #3: Kill three enemies with headshots using any assault rifle
    • Reward: DR-H - Anime Kitty and battle pass XP (2000)
  • Challenge #4: Earn the long shot medal five times in MP matches
    • Reward: Credits (300) and Neko Tokens (5)
  • Challenge #5: Use operator skills five times in MP matches or use class chips five times in BR matches
    • Reward: M4 - Hang Ten and battle pass XP (2500)
  • Challenge #6: Kill ten enemies with the Krig 6 or kill 30 enemies with any assault rifle
    • Reward: Silver Crate Coupon and battle pass XP (4500)

This event is best completed in COD: Mobile's standard multiplayer modes. There isn't any challenge that is particularly difficult. The only thing you will have to remember is that each challenge has to be completed before you attempt the next.

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