What Is In The COD Mobile Season 5 (2023) Battle Pass Vault?

This guide shares the BP Vault for COD Mobile Season 5 while talking about a few related things.

COD Mobile Season 5
Here's everything you need to know about COD Mobile Season 5 BP Vault. | © Activision Blizzard

COD: Mobile Season 5 (2023) 'Get Wrecked' official trailer and other details are finally out, and with that, we also have new details on the BP Vault, which this new season will feature.

For players who don't know, BP Vaults is a feature that allows players to access past seasons' battle pass contents so that players who missed it can claim it using Vault Coins that they can acquire by leveling up the new battle pass.

To make sure you don't miss out on COD: Mobile Season 5 BP Vault and to share details on what this new BP Vault will feature, we have prepared this handy guide.

What Is COD Mobile Season 5 (2023) Battle Pass Vault?

In COD Mobile Season 5, the BP Vault is 2021's Season 5, Deep Water battle pass.

For players who have forgotten about it, below are the different epic characters, weapons, emotes, and other similar things it featured.

Epic Characters

  • Roze - Foreshadow
  • Rorke - Man Hunter
  • Otter - Backstroke
  • Merrick

Epic Weapons

  • BK57 - Counter Stealth Unit
  • QXR - Close Catch
  • DR-H - Rebreather
  • PP19 Bizon - Devilfish
  • CR-56 AMAX - Torpedo


  • Charm - Killer Whale
  • Backpack - Stock Up
  • Emote - Swim Up
  • Calling Card - Eye of the Storm
  • Avatar - Man Hunter
  • Frame - Sub Aquatic
  • Calling Card - Wetworks
  • Karambit - Black Ice
  • Frame - Dark Freeze
  • Avatar - Ghosts

So if you missed any of the above items, you can level up the COD: Mobile Season 5 (2023) battle pass and obtain Vault Coins.

After that, you can use those Vault Coins to unlock the above things from the BP Vault section once COD: Mobile Season 5 goes live.

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