Arena Breakout: Release Date, Open Beta, Other Platforms, More

'Escape from Tarkov Mobile' to some, Arena Breakout is getting a global release. Here is everything you need to know including info on its release date, English trailer, open beta, and more.

Arena Breakout 2
Arena Breakout's cinematic trailer has got mobile gamers excited. | © Morefun Studios Group

Few trailers have made quite the impact this year than that for Arena Breakout, this mobile FPS that has more than a passing resemblance to Escape from Tarkov. But this game isn't being developed by Battlestate Games, the team behind Tarkov, but by one of Tencent's in-house game developers Morefun Studios Group.

The just over 2-minute cinematic trailer, subtitled Winner Takes All, follows the story, not of a squad of soldiers, but of one gun, as it passes from the recently deceased to those that still have a chance of survival. The trailer has that heady mix of comradeship, action, and really cool guns that instantly sets off something in FPS fans who like their games rooted in the real world.

That trailer piqued the interest of those who hadn't heard of a game dubbed 'Escape from Tarkov Mobile' by those that had. We now know that it will be known as Arena Breakout when it hits most people's mobile devices.

The game launched in China on July 13, the same day that the cinema trailer was released, and now many are wondering when a global release can be expected.

So, if you are as excited as we are to play Arena Breakout and you want to learn more, including the release date, beta access info, and more, keep on reading.

Arena Breakout - Release Date

As mentioned before, Arena Breakout was released in China on July 13, but currently, there is no fixed global release date.

However, there is plenty of cause for optimism. Previously, there were doubts that the game would ever see a release outside of China, doubts which have since vanished as the developers have opened up English-language social media channels and seemingly confirmed to IGN that a global release is on the way.

But when will Arena Breakout get its global release? The game is surely going through a process of localization which will then likely lead to a period of closed beta testing. It is possible that it will start at some point towards the end of 2022, with most gamers likely having to wait until Q1/Q2 2023 before getting their hands on the game.

How Can I Get In The Arena Breakout Beta?

There is currently no official English-language website, so you cannot pre-register for any potential beta. This is likely to change in the near future, and we will continue to update this section with more information as it becomes available.

It is possible to play the Chinese version of the game, but it involves downloading the APK file from TapTap and creating a WeChat account (think China's version of Facebook). You will also be playing on Chinese servers, and the game itself is all in Chinese - if you want to give this game a shot, we suggest you wait.

What Platforms Will Arena Breakout Come Out On?

The Chinese release is available for Android and iOS, and there is no official PC/Windows release planned at this time.

Arena breakout
Arena Breakout is now available in China on Android and iOS. | © Morefun Studio Group

That, however, doesn't mean you can't play it on an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, and considering the type of game it is - a milsim shooter - it is likely a great many will be opting to do just that so they can get using a mouse and keyboard.

Arena Breakout - Gameplay

Now, let's talk about the good stuff; how does Arena Breakout play? Well, there is a reason this is called Escape from Tarkov Mobile by many. The game doesn't just look like that title but largely plays like it too.

Like Escape from Tarkov, the game is PvPvE. As either a solo or part of a squad, you will enter instanced maps with missions or just the desire to hunt down other squads.

You will find loot spread across the map and on fallen foes, and crucially, you will also have to extract in time if you want to keep any of this looted gear. If you die, you die, with the possibility of insuring the gear you entered the map with.

There is plenty of gameplay footage from the Chinese release floating around on YouTube.

There is no word yet on how many maps there will be at launch or the exact game modes, but this will all be known in time.

Until then, there is plenty happening in mobile gaming at the moment, including the reveal of Ubisoft's The Division Resurrection and NetEase's Gran Turismo-esque Racing Master..