Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Ranks: All Demon Slayer And Demon Ranks Explained

This guide talks about Demon Slayer Midnight Sun ranks. Listing all Demon and Demon Slayer ranks in order while discussing other related things.

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Here's everything you need to know about Demon Slayer Midnight Sun ranks. | © Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun features a rank system, something similar to what we have in the Demon Slayer anime and manga series, where the Demon Slayers and the Demons both have particular ranks deciding their combat capabilities, access to resources, and other such things.

But since the game doesn't directly lay out the different ranks available for both Demon and Demon Slayer paths, progressing the ranks is daunting, and most players even don't know their current standing and how much more they have to rank up.

To make sure the rank progression goes smoothly, we have prepared this handy guide listing all ranks for Demon Slayer and Demons in Demon Slayer Midnight Sun.

Demon Slayer Midnight Sun Ranks

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When writing this guide, Demon Slayer Midnight Sun offers a total of eleven unique ranks. Seven belong to the Demons, and four are for Demon Slayers.

Demon Slayer Ranks In Demon Slayer Midnight Sun

Here is all the Demon Slayer ranks currently available in DSMS:

  • Mizunoto
  • Kanoto
  • Tsuchinoto
  • Hinoto

Demon Ranks In Demon Slayer Midnight Sun

Here is all the Demon ranks currently available in DSMS:

  • Weak Demon
  • Demon
  • Strong Demon
  • Elite Demon
  • Abnormal Demon
  • Lower Moon
  • Upper Moon

You start as a Weak Demon in Demon Slayer: Midnight Sun. To reach Demon rank, you must acquire 3000 EXP. After that, until Lower Moon rank, you need another 3000 EXP for each rank. Lastly, you can become an Upper Moon by acquiring 7000 EXP.

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