Hello Kitty Island Adventure Fizzy Crystal: How To Get

This guide shares details on how you can get and use Fizzy Crystals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Fizzy Crystals
Here's a guide on how to get Fizzy Crystals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. | © Sunblink

The Fizzy Crystals are the base ingredient required to make any Soda category drink in Hello Kitty IslandAdventure using the Soda Machine found in Gemstone Town.

Compared to other base ingredients like Flour, Dough, etc., obtaining Fizzy Crystals in the game is challenging as it is hidden behind a quest that many players need to learn about.

Moreover, since you need Frizzy Crystals to make some of the best gifts for NPCs to level up your Friendship Level fast with them, you must know how you can obtain them.

So to help players, we are here with a handy guide explaining how you can get Fizzy Crystals in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 20, 2023.

How To Get Fizzy Crystals In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Dessert Ed Boat
You must complete Pompompurin's story quest to unlock the crystal crafting table. | © Sunblink

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you can get Fizzy Crystals via crafting. But at the beginning of the game, you don't have access to the Fizzy Crystal Crafting Plans.

To get the said plans, you must progress Pompompurin's story quest, "Dessert-ed Boat," until you meet Chococat and obtain the Fizzy Crystals Crafting Plans from him.

Once that is done, you can craft the Fizzy Crystals using the Fizzy Ores that you obtain from mines located in Red Hot Ruins and the Gemstone Town.

Here is a map screenshot that shares the Crystals Crafting Table location:

Crystal Table
You can find the Crystal Crafting Table only when you are near the end of the Dessert-ed Boat quest and after completing it. | © Sunblink

You need six Fizzy Ores to craft a single Fizzy Crystal. Thankfully, Hello Kitty Island Adventure has a reset time, after which you can farm the Fizzy Ores again.

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