Hello Kitty Island Adventure Iron: Where To Find, Uses And More

This guide shares the location of Iron ores in Hello Kitty Island Adventure while talking about their uses and other related things.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Iron
Here's everything you need to know about Iron in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. | © Sunblink

Iron is one of the crafting materials in Hello Kitty Island Adventure that players can use to craft various items, including the Snorkel tool and other such things.

It is one of the hard-to-come-by materials in the game that you may struggle to find, especially during the early game.

However, since you need it to progress the game, as many of the items you can craft using it are tied to the main story, we are here to help you.

So keep reading as we share the location of Iron in Hello Kitty Island Adventure while talking about its uses.

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 20, 2023.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Iron Location

Iron Location 2
You can find Iron in Mount Hothead. | © Sunblink

In Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you can find Iron all around Mount Hotheat.

We have marked the area in the above screenshot to make your search for Iron easier.

Mount Hothead is located in the northwest part of the island, and you can reach there pretty early in the game.

Iron Location
You can find Iron around Retsuko's location. | © Sunblink

Once you arrive at Mount Hothead, go to Retsuko's location and search around the main path, and you will find around four to five Iron Ore deposits.

For reference, you can see the above screenshot, showing what Iron Ore deposits look like in the game.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Iron Uses

Iron Ingot
You can use Iron for crafting purposes. | © Sunblink

As mentioned earlier, you can use Iron in Hello Kitty Island Adventure for crafting.

One of the significant uses of Iron is crafting Ingot, which is required for making the Snorkel tool.

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