Marvel Snap April Patch: Balance Changes And Token Shop Update

We'll show you the balance changes, updates made to the Token Shop, and the monthly Series Drop that were released in the April 2023 patch of Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap April2023 patch
Here's everything that was released in the April 2023 patch of Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

The Marvel Snap devs have released their monthly patch update for the game. In it, we've been treated to a new set of balance changes, updates to the Token Shop, and the usual Series Drop.

Though they may sound ominous, they're beneficial adjustments that aim to improve the overall gameplay experience in Marvel Snap, as we'll explain later.

Besides this, a small change that you might notice is that the board was updated with new art and FX.

But that being said, let's dive into everything you should know about the April 2023 patch in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap April Patch - Balance Changes

Marvel Snap April2023 balancechanges
Several buffs and nerfs were released in the April patch. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Balance changes hit six cards in Marvel Snap: America Chavez, Jubilee, Leader, Leech, Lockjaw, and Shuri. These cards were targeted to improve their overall synergy within decks and to curb any of their overpowered abilities.

Here are their respective balance changes:

CardBalance Change
America Chavez

Ability changed to "Starts on the bottom of your deck. Draw this on turn 6."


On Reveal ability changed to "Add the top card of your deck to this location."


Stats changed from 6/7 to 6/2.

On Reveal ability changed to "Copy the enemy card(s) with the highest Power played this turn, but on your side."


On Reveal ability removed. It was replaced with "At the start of turn 6, remove all abilities from cards in your opponent's hand."


Ability changed to "After you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck (once per turn)."


On Reveal ability changed to "If you play your next card here, double its Power."

Marvel Snap April Patch - Token Shop Updates

Token Shop Marvel Snap New
The Token Shop has been updated. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Several big changes have been introduced to the Token Shop. These were previously hinted at in an earlier release of the game's development roadmap in 2023. For the most part, this includes adding more sections to the shop to highlight certain cards.

When a new Series 5 card is released in the game, it will be immediately featured in a special section in the Token Shop known as the "Weekly Spotlight."

Ultimate Variants will also be getting their own special section.

Series 4 and Series 5 cards will be given their own section. It will rotate every 8 hours with cards that you currently don't own. Newly released Series 5 cards won't appear here until they leave the Weekly Spotlight section.

Marvel Snap April Patch - Series Drop

April2023 Series Drop
All the cards that were included in the April 2023 Series Drop. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Three cards were dropped from Series 5 to Series 4. These were the cards that were released in the Into The Quantum Realm season. It includes:

  • Ghost
  • M.O.D.O.K.
  • Stature

Five cards were dropped from Series 4 to Series 3. It includes:

  • Bast
  • Black Panther
  • Shuri
  • Super Skrull
  • Valkyrie

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