Marvel Snap Winterverse Event: Daily Login Rewards, Variants, Bundles

The Winterverse event will provide daily login rewards, new variants, and bundles in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Winterfest
The Winterverse event will bring daily login rewards, new Variants, and bundles to Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap has released its first-ever holiday celebration in the game: Winterverse. It's a two-week-long event that will be available between December 20, 2022, and January 3, 2023.

This limited-time event will have a special daily login event that will reward all players with rewards simply for logging into the game every day. Besides this, there will be new Winterverse Variants that you have a chance of getting by opening Collector's Reserves as well as an exclusive Bundle in the shop.

Let's go over every one of these items.

Marvel Snap Winterverse Event - Daily Login Rewards

Winterfest Daily Login Rewards
Here are all the rewards you can get from the Winterverse daily login event. | © Supercell

As we mentioned earlier, the Winterverse will have a login event that will reward you for logging in to Marvel Snap every day between December 20, 2022, and January 3, 2023.

Here are all the daily login rewards in detail:

  • December 20: 100 Credits
  • December 21: 30 random Boosters
  • December 22: 100 Gold
  • December 23: 100 Credits
  • December 24: 150 Credits
  • December 25: Nick Fury
  • December 26: 200 Gold
  • December 27: 50 Credits
  • December 28: 30 Angela Boosters
  • December 29: 100 Credits
  • December 30: 30 Boosters
  • December 31: Black Panther avatar
  • January 1: 500 Credits
  • January 2: 200 Gold

Marvel Snap Winterverse Event - Variant Rush

Winterverse Variant Rush
Five Winterverse Variants will be available at this event. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Throughout the Winterverse event, every time you open a Collector's Reserve, there's a chance that you might get one of the five special Winterverse Variants. These will only be available during this event.

Here are all the Winterverse Variants:

  • Winterverse Abomination
  • Winterverse Ebony Maw
  • Winterverse Patriot
  • Winterverse Rockslide
  • Winterverse Rogue

Marvel Snap Winterverse Event - Bundle

Winterverse Bundle
A special Winterverse bundle will be available in the Marvel Snap store during this event. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

A limited-time Bundle will be available during the Winterverse event. You can purchase it for 6,000 Gold. Here are the contents of this Bundle:

  • Sunspot Winterverse Avatar
  • Sunspot Winterverse Variant
  • 2,000 Collector’s Tokens
  • 8,000 Credits
  • 100 Sunspot Boosters
  • “Tacos After This?” Title

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