Pixel Piece: How To Get, Reset, And Remove Devil/Pixel Fruits

Pixel Fruits are a key part of Pixel Piece. Here is how you can find, reset, and remove these valuable items.

Pixel Piece
Here's everything on Pixel Fruits in Pixel Piece. | © World Up Studios

Pixel Fruits are nothing but Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece that players can use to obtain additional skills to increase their combat capabilities.

The game offers different fighting styles, which players can learn to get access to unique movesets and abilities of some of the most iconic characters like Sanji and others. However, using Pixel Fruits makes the gameplay experience more fun and diverse.

But since there is no clear description of how to obtain or remove the effects of a Pixel Fruit in Pixel Piece, many players fail to find a good Pixel Fruit. And when they do, they don't know how to remove it to use another Pixel Fruit. That's where this guide comes in.

How To Get Pixel Fruits In Pixel Piece

There are three ways to get Pixel Fruits in Pixel Piece. | © World Up Studios

In Pixel Piece, you can get Pixel Fruits, aka Devil Fruits, by purchasing them from the fruit trader on the Central Port miscellaneous island. The fruit trader sells a variety of Pixel Fruits in exchange for Robux or Beli.

Suppose you don't want to use Beli or Robux to get a Pixel Fruit. In that case, you can always explore the different islands, as Pixel Fruits spawn under trees every 60 minutes on public servers and every 55 minutes on private servers. But it would be best if you were fast, as right after a Pixel Fruit spawns, it will despawn in twenty minutes.

How To Reset/Remove Pixel Fruits In Pixel Piece

You will find the Fruit Reset NPC at the docks. | © World Up Studios

You can reset or remove Pixel Fruit effects in Pixel Piece using the fruit remover product, which you can purchase using Robux from the game's store accessed via the main menu.

Apart from that, you can purchase a stat reset for 1,500 Beli from an NPC named Zenokei. You will find him in Central Port, the same location from where you can purchase Pixel Fruits.

All Pixel Fruits In Pixel Piece

When writing, we have eight Pixel Fruits in Pixel Piece that players can obtain using the above-shared methods. These are:

Pixel FruitTypeCostAbilities
Suke-Suke (Invisible Invisible)ParameciaRobux (500) or Beli (2,500)Skill Z: Self Invisible
Skill Description: User becomes invisible for a set amount of time [Undetectable by NPC’s and Players]
Skill X: Party Invisible

Skill Description: The user grants party members the ability to turn invisible by force

Smooth-SmoothParameciaRobux (50) or Beli (500)Skill Z: Smooth Floor
Skill Description: The user zooms across the ground on a seemingly smooth surface
Skill X: Smooth Push

Skill Description: The user zooms forward quickly, making anyone in their path slip on the ground
Spin-SpinParameciaRobux (500) or Beli (7,000)Skill Z: Spinning Disaster
Skill Description: The user spins at tornado-like speeds, damaging anything in their way
Skill X: Spinning Assault
Skill Description: User Spins arms around at tremendous speeds dealing hefty damage
Skill C: Spinning Flight

Skill Description: The user spins their legs around like a helicopter allowing the play to go air-born and fly anywhere
Kilo-KiloParameciaRobux (700) or Beli (12,000)Skill Z: Kilo Walk
Skill Description: The user runs around and stomps on the ground to trample over anyone near them.
Skill X: Kilo Crash
Skill Description: The user uses immense force on their foot to tremble the ground around them
Skill C: 1,000kg
Skill Description: The user slams into the ground as if they are a giant Boulder [Requires Kilo Rise skill to use]
Cry-CryParameciaRobux (500) or Beli (5,000)Skill Z: Kenpopo
Skill Description: User sends projectiles to target location [if it hits enemies, it depletes their health and increases yours]
Skill X: Chiyupopo

Skill Description: The user gets on their knees and begins crying. Nearby teammates will be healed from this, but the user will lose health
Skill C: Hogopopo

Skill Description: This ability allows the user to be in a state of near-intangibility [meaning that it is very hard to stun this user]
Bomb-BombParameciaRobux (700) or Beli (9,000)Skill Z: Bomb Shot
Skill Description: The user shoots a bomb pellet toward the direction they’re facing
Skill X: Bomb Rush

Skill Description: The user ignites the bomb under their feet and accelerates towards an aimed position on release
Skill E: Bomb Booster

Skill Description: The user flies like bakugo
Skill V: Bomb Destruct
Skill Description: User becomes a nuke [Depletes health per usage]
Mera-MeraLogiaRobux (2,500) or Beli (40,000)Skill Z: Flame Snap
Skill Description: The user Snaps and a flame is emitted from the user's fist. You are able to hold this flame until you click LMB again.
Skill T: Flame Flight

Skill Description: The user flips into the air and emits fire from their feet; the user is now able to take traveling from the ground to the air
Skill X : Shinka Shiranui
Skill Description: The user Leaps into the air and crashes down with a flaming boom to wherever their cursor is aimed to
Skill C: Flame Repulse

Skill Description: The user leaps into the air and throws fire directly under themselves, stunning anyone under the fire
Skill E: Hiken

Skill Description: The user throws a ball of flames to wherever their cursor is aimed at
Skill R: Hono No Hashira

Skill Description: The user summons a flame pillar and is able to move it forward [Holdable Skill]
Skill V : Dai Enkai Entei

Skill Description: The user summons a small flaming ball over their head and is able to charge it in order to become bigger
Hie-HieMythicalRobux (3,000) or Beli (50,000)Skill Z: Ice Hawk
Skill Description: Users fires an ice hawk toward the direction they are facing
Skill X: Ice Spears

Skill Description: The user summons ice spears to rain from above in any spot they are aiming at.
Skill C: Ice Hammer

Skill Description: The user summons an ice hammer to slam down in front of them.
Skill V: Ice Stomp

Skill Description: The user stomps to summon an ice wall in front of them.
Skill E: Frozen Time

Skill Description: User summons ice beneath themself to freeze anyone or anything near them
Skill R: Ultimate Stomp
Skill Description: The user summons 3 Large ice walls to erupt in front of them
Skill T: Ice Ice
Skill Description: User skates on ice

That concludes our guide on how to get and reset Pixel Fruits in Roblox Pixel Piece.

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