Rainbow Six Mobile Error Code 104: How To Fix Matchmaking Error

Are you experiencing error code 104 in Rainbow Six Mobile? The developers have revealed why and how you can possibly fix it.

rainbow six mobile error code 104
Experiencing error code 104 in Rainbow Six Mobile? There may be a solution. | © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile has had a troubled closed beta, plagued with server issues and bugs that have meant a considerable amount of those invited to take part have not been able to play the game as intended.

The issues have been noted by the developers, An update went out earlier this week and an increase in server capacity has been deployed in an attempt to get the closed beta back on track.

However, some people are still having issues, with one bug in particular, 'error code 104', stopping people from entering the matchmaking queue.

The developers have now responded to these reports, offering a potential fix.

Rainbow Six Mobile Error Code 104 - What Causes It And How To Fix

Users that have reported getting error code 104, do so when trying to search for a game, with it being referred to as a 'matchmaking error'.

Rainbow Six Mobile matchmaking error error code 104 how to fix
A matchmaking error is stopping players from taking part in the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta. | © Ubisoft

It's an issue you will see consistently posted in replies to tweets put out by the Rainbow Six Mobile social team. And with it being such a regular occurrence, the developers have now explained why it happens and how it can be fixed, and unfortunately for some, it can't be.

There are two reasons players may be seeing error code 104:

  • Players are trying to play from outside one of the seven countries eligible for the closed beta.
  • You reside in one of the seven countries, but your internet connection isn't good enough.

The seven eligible countries for the closed beta are Brazil, India, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, the United States, and the Philippines.

If you have found yourself with a closed beta code or downloaded an APK through other means and don't reside in one of those seven countries, it's likely you will not be able to access the closed beta at all.

If you do have an invite to the closed beta and reside in one of the eligible countries and still can't access the matchmaking, you will need to investigate your internet connection.

It may be that you will have better luck on WiFi or 4/5G, depending on your circumstances. You will also want to make sure that any background applications are closed down on your device and that nothing is downloading in the background.

If that fails, it may be that you simply don't have an internet connection strong enough that the Rainbow Six Mobile developers deem suitable for the closed beta.

Server issues have been a fixture of the opening weeks of this closed beta test, and the developers may have put a particularly stringent ping cap on matchmaking until those issues subside.

That may be elevated with time, as new servers are opened and the current issues subside, but until then, you might be out of luck.

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