Sett Has Been Revealed As The Next Legends Of Runeterra Champion

The first champion to be revealed from the Glory in Navori expansion is Sett.

Sett Lo R
Sett joins Legends of Runeterra in the latest expansion. | © Riot Games

Things are heating in the Glory in Navori expansion as we've just been given a look a the first champion: Sett.

For those unfamiliar with him, he first rose to fame during the war with the Noxus and is now notoriously known as the leader of Ionia's growing criminal underworld. Sett is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with and so is an amazing addition to the game.

Sett and the remaining two champions, Samira and Jack the Winner will join Legends of Runeterra in the upcoming expansion on March 29.

Sett Is The Latest Legends Of Runeterra Champion

Sett Cards Lo R
Sett's card boasts some incredible abilities and stats. | © Riot Games

Just like the lore suggests, Sett is an incredibly powerful champion who leverages his unbridled strength to his advantage. He's one not to be messed with and this is reflected in his card in Legends of Runeterra.

Besides Sett, we were also given a sneak peek at several cards that will be joining him in this expansion.

Here's a look at all of these cards:

CardCard Description
  • 5-Mana 4/5 with Challenger.
  • Card Text: The first time I would drop below 1 health while attacking, give me 'Barrier' instead.
  • Level Up: You've spent 40+ mana.
Sett (Leveled Up)
  • 5-Mana 5/6 with Challenger.
  • Card Text: While I'm attacking, I can't take damage or die. Each round, create a 'Show Stopper' in hand once you've spent 12+ mana.
Show Stopper
  • 0-Mana Slow spell with Fleeting.
  • Card Text: Obliterate an enemy. Deal 1 to all other enemies and the enemy Nexus.
  • 4-Mana Slow spell.
  • Card Text: Stun 2 enemies and create a Coin in hand.
Sett's Facebreaker
  • 4-Mana Slow spell.
  • Card Text: Stun 2 enemies and create a Coin in hand. Create a Sett in your deck.
Place Your Bets
  • 5-Mana Burst spell.
  • Card Text: Draw 2 and create 2 Coins in hand.
The Old Timer
  • 8-Mana 6/6 with Double Attack.
  • Play: Recall the strongest enemy. If you've spent 16+ mana this round, Recall all enemies instead.

You can view the rest of the cards from the coming expansion at Mobalytics.

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