Tower Of Fantasy September 15 Update

A new update is set to hit Tower of Fantasy on September 15. Here are all the changes you can expect to see once it's released.

Tower of Fantasy September 15 update Hotta Studio
We've got a new Tower of Fantasy update that's set to come on September 15! | © Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy is set for a massive new update! As version 1.5 is on the horizon, Hotta Studio is looking to update the game with all of its new content. We'll be expecting three additional areas, a new character, a new boss, and the introduction of a Home System feature.

The devs will be sneaking all this new content, and several bug fixes into Tower of Fantasy during a September 15 update. Let's go over all the details of this update.

Tower Of Fantasy Update - How To Install

The latest Tower of Fantasy update will be released between 6-9 am UTC+0 on September 15. As it will be done during server maintenance, you must be signed out of your account before the update commences to avoid a negative gaming experience or a loss in your in-game progress.

Tower of Fantasy is currently available on both PC and mobile, you can install the September 15 update in two ways. These are:

  • Mobile: Following the update release, you will receive a push notification in the App Store or your Google Play Store.
  • PC: The game will be automatically updated after restarting the client.

Tower Of Fantasy Update - Version 1.5 Content

Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 update september 15 update Claudia Character Hotta Studio
Claudia is one of the new characters joining Tower of Fantasy! | © Hotta Studio

As we mentioned earlier, this update will introduce all the new Tower of Fantasy content that is expected to come in version 1.5.

Here are all the new features being introduced in the September 15 update:

  • Artificial Island new map and gameplay.
  • Home System available for construction.
  • New eight-player cooperative Raid gameplay.
  • New simulacrum: Claudia & the limited-time Claudia Matrix.
  • Limited time event: Aida Cafe.
  • Sequential Phantasm is available after unlocking the Battlefield of Champions in the Bygone Phantasm event.
  • Weapon switching and enhancements are disabled in the Bygone Phantasm event.
  • Added five different types of stage buff in the Bygone Phantasm event.
  • The maximum accumulated days of offline rewards has been revised to nine days.
  • Optimized the display of new and idle servers with New and Recommended signs.
  • Added the introduction tab of the shield axe in the Survival Guide.

Tower Of Fantasy Update - Bug Fixes

Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 update September 2022 Bug Fixes Hotta Studio
A bunch of serious bugs will be resolved in the new update. | © Hotta Studio

Several bug fixes will be introduced in the September 15 update. They're mostly bugs that have cropped up with the addition of version 1.5 content.

Here's a full list of bug fixes from this latest Tower of Fantasy update:

  • Fixed an issue where no Endurance (END) is required when the Spiral Drive skill is used with the Thunderblades weapon and damage abnormality. The damage description of the spiral-down effect of the Thunderblades was also added.
  • Fixed the icon display issue where multiple matrix effects can be activated when switching Molten Shield V2 (axe mode) to other weapons.
  • Fixed an issue where there is a stun abnormality of the Pummeler and Venus weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where there is a dodge abnormality for some of the Balmung weapons.
  • Fixed the problem of abnormal interface display caused by network lag when extracting Simulacrum weapons during ordering.
  • Improve the cooldown period time between speeches in the chat channel.
  • Fix the setting button invalid issue after restarting.
  • Fix the button invalid issue for the Line channel on mobiles.
  • Fixed a series of localization problems such as translation or abnormal display of interface text.
  • Type V Armor is replaced with Alternate Destiny in SSR Relic one-out-of-four box selections.

Tower Of Fantasy Update - Compensation

Tower of Fantasy version 1.5 september 15 update compensation rewards Hotta Studio
You'll be able to receive compensatory rewards from this update! | © Hotta Studio

As with any Tower of Fantasy update, you are entitled to compensation if you are at least level 6 and had registered for them before September 16 at 12 am UTC+0.

These are the compensation rewards you can expect to receive:

  • Maintenance compensation: Dark Crystal x300
  • Bug fix compensation: Dark Crystal x300
  • Client update compensation: Dark Crystal x200

You will receive these compensatory rewards in your email at least two hours after the update period has ended.

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