Will Riot Release Project L On Mobile?

Riot is currently developing a tag-team combat game based on League of Legends known as Project L. Here's what you need to know about a potential mobile release.

Project L Banner
Project L is a new League-inspired game that we may see Riot introduce to mobile. | © Riot Games

Project L is an upcoming combat game from the minds of Riot Games that was first revealed in 2019. For the developers, it showed the next evolutionary step in the massive catalog of titles based on League of Legends.

Project L is a 2v2 team-based fighting game with tag-team elements that allows you and a friend to duke it out against another team of two. It will feature a unique art style and controls that Riot describes as "easy to learn but hard to master."

While the game is set to be released as free to play on PC, there is another platform that Riot's games have often been released on: mobile. So, will Project L be released on mobile?

Is Project L Coming To Mobile?

Project L Gameplay
Project L could be a perfect addition to mobile. | © Riot Games

No, there are no plans to release Project L on mobile. It appears that the game will only be launched for PC at the moment.

Don't lose hope though, Riot has a history of developing popular games for the small screen such as Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, and Teamfight Tactics.

Other titles in the same combat genre such as Mortal Kombat Mobile and Injustice 2 possess similar gameplay elements, so it is entirely possible that Project L could be replicated on mobile.

If it is released on mobile, you can expect Project L to be a free-to-play game just as it will be on PC.

Project L has no official release date at the time of writing. Many speculate a potential launch in the Summer of 2025. In the game, you can expect to see a variety of familiar faces and combat abilities from League of Legends.

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