Genshin Impact: Of Ballads And Brews Event

'Of Ballads and Brews' is a new event that arrives with the launch of the version 3.1 update in Genshin Impact. Here are all the details you need to know about it.

King Deshret Version3 1
'Of Ballads and Brews' is a new version 3.1 event in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

'Of Ballads and Brews' is the latest event to be released in the version 3.1 update of Genshin Impact. It is set in the region of Mondstadt during harvest season and will feature the infamous Knights of Favonious.

This event is a lengthy multi-phase event with a variety of events, challenges, and rewards. These are all the details about this event including the eligibility criteria, timeline, event details, and rewards.

Of Ballads And Brews Event - Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the 'Of Ballads and Brews' event, you will need to pass certain standards.

These are:

  • Adventure Rank 21 or above
  • Complete the Archon Quest "Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom"
  • Complete the Story Quest "Lupus Minor Chapter: Act I - The Meaning of Lupical"

Of Ballads And Brews Event - Timeline

Event Duration Of Balladsand Brew Gi
The Of Ballad and Brews event will last for a month in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

The 'Of Ballad and Brews' event will have a gameplay and Festive Fever reward exchange period. The gameplay portion will be divided into three acts that will be released at different periods.

Here is the timeline of the 'Of Ballad and Brews' event:

Event ContentStart TimeEnd Time
Gameplay Act I

September 29 at 10 am

October 17 at 4 am
Gameplay Act IIOctober 2 at 4 amOctober 17 at 4 am
Gameplay Act IIIOctober 5 at 4 amOctober 17 at 4 am
Festive Fever RewardSeptember 29 at 10 amOctober 24 at 4 am

All of these timings are set for local time.

Of Ballads And Brews Event - Details

Of Balladsand Brews Timeline
There will be four gameplay modes in the Of Ballads and Brews event in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

Four game modes will be available in the 'Of Ballads and Brews' event: Autumn Crisis, Highwind Trial, Charity and Creativity, and Fecund Blessings.

Let's dive into each one of the gameplay modes:

Autumn Crisis

Autum Crisis GI
Battle Forest and Snow boars in the Autumn Crisis mode. | © HoYoverse

In Autumn Crisis, you will need to help hunters solve the issue of Forest Boar invasions and help a Sumerian researcher look for clues regarding Snowboars (and complete their respective challenges).

Autumn Crisis will be divided into three stages:

  • Expulsion (Stage I): Repel the Forest Boars with normal attacks in a designated area.
  • Capture (Stage II): Use hunting nets to capture animals in a designated area.
  • Uproot (Stage III): Defeat the Great Snowboar King by using normal attacks and the hunting net.
Useful Items Autumn Crisis
Spot these items to get an advantage! | © HoYoverse

Four items will appear throughout each of the stages. Use them to gain an advantage to help you complete the challenges faster.

These items are:

  • Hunter's Shield
  • Traps
  • Smoke Machines
  • Lures

Highwind Trial

High Wind Trial GI
Complete challenges in the Highwind Trial game mode. | © HoYoverse

You will need to complete a series of combat challenges in the Highwind Trial. Sublime Anemogranum will appear in the challenge area. You can pick them up to gain combat buffs. At the end of each challenge, a wind current will appear to help you get to the location of the next challenge.

Charity And Creativity

You will need to help the Knights of Favonius open a charity shop in the Charity and Creativity game mode. With this, you will have to earn 'business earnings'.

To complete tasks that will secure funds for the opening of the shop, you will have to talk to Bernhard in Springvale.

Charity Event GI Banner
Help the Knights of Favonious in the Charity and Creativity event! | © HoYoverse

There will be multiple 'customer flow cycles' once the shop opens and you will need to adjust your business strategy to match these cycles. If you optimize these correctly, you will stand a chance to win higher 'business earnings' and meet business objectives. Usable Funds are required for adjusting your business strategy

During this event phase, Shop Strategems will become available to unlock. Besides this, some emergencies and unexpected situations may arise. Resolve these issues and more shop owners will join you in the charity sale.

Fecund Blessings

Fecund Blessings Banner
Collect special hampers in the Fecund Blessings event in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

In the Fecund Blessings game mode, you will need to look for hidden treasure chests, known as Fecund Hampers, that citizens from Mondstadt have placed. These hampers will include gifts such as Shop components and furnishings that can be used to decorate your shop from the Charity and Creativity event.

Of Ballads And Brews Event - Rewards

Rewards Of Balladsand Brews GI
These are all the rewards you can get in the 'Of Ballads and Brews' event. | © HoYoverse

You can participate in the various game modes in the 'Of Ballads and Brews' event to obtain rewards. In addition to these rewards, completing quests or challenges will increase your Festive Fever. When you reach a certain amount, you can obtain the event-exclusive weapon: Missive Windspear (Polearm).

These are all the available rewards in the 'Of Ballads and Brews' event:

  • Character ascension materials
  • Character EXP materials
  • Crown of Insight
  • Mora
  • Mystic enhancement ores
  • Primogems
  • Talent level-up materials
  • Weapon ascension materials

New Quests will also be added to Returning Winds. You can complete them to receive Battle Pass EXP.

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