Genshin Impact The Knave 'Arlecchino' Element, Weapon, Abilities, Release Date & Constellations

In this guide we are going to go over all of the leaked information that we know currently about the upcoming Harbinger.

Genshin arlecchino
Let's take a look at the new Harbinger, Arlecchino. |© HoYoVerse

Genshin Impact is a game loved for its amazing gameplay, beautiful graphics, and amazing characters.

Every Genshin Impact player has a character they love and would do anything for, making for a very passionate community.

A leak in 2021 revealed a character that would be coming to the game soon called Arlecchino.

Fans flock to these leaks and latch onto every character dialogue, background, and story that is revealed, and one of the names that has always kept popping up is Arlecchino.

At first, players thought that Arlecchino was going to be a male Fatui member. Eventually, in a 2022 leak, it was revealed that Arlecchino is, in fact, a female Fatui Harbinger, the 10th Harbinger.

Since then, the fan base has been obsessed with her, and some players have even dedicated Twitter pages to posting art and other character models.

The rumor mill is buzzing about this one. Since about 2022, we've known that Arlecchino runs an orphanage called House of the Hearth. She has also been known to have contact with some significant characters there named Katarina and Nikolay who have connections with the Fatui.

Let's look at all the info that has slowly been leaked so far.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino's Element

Genshin arlencchino 3
What element will Arlecchino be? |© HoYoVerse

At the time of writing, no official details are available on Arlecchino's elements. Albeit, we have leaks that suggest she is a Pyro element user, with some pointing toward her being a Cryo user.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino's Weapon

Genshin arelecchino 2
What weapon could the Harbinger possibly use? |© HoYoVerse

As per current leaks, Arlecchino's weapon of choice is a Sword. Though take it with a massive grain of salt as this is not the first time when the weapon of choice of a playable character has been changed upon release compared to the data mined information.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino's Abilities

Genshin impact arlecchino 5
What could Arlecchino's abilities be? |© HoYoVerse

We do not have any information on what Arlecchino's abilities may be, but we have enough information to guess what she could have.

If we look at Arlecchino from a story and lore perspective, she is ranked above Childe in the Harbingers, so we can infer that she will be super strong based on how strong Childe is.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Release Date

Genshin impact arlecchino 6
We think that Arlecchino has a lot of importance for the upcoming story. |© HoYoVerse

Some viable leaks suggest Arlechhino's limited-time character event wish banner to go live during the first half of the Genshin Impact 4.6 update, with Skirk releasing in the second half.

If the leaks are correct, then Arlecchino will release in early 2024.

Genshin Impact Arlecchino Constellations

Fontaine Lynette and Lyney
The constellation debate has been picking up in the community! |© HoYoVerse

Currently, there are no details available on Arlecchino's constellations. Once the character is officially revealed, we will update this article with all the correct information, so please make sure to bookmark this post and check back when she officially comes out!

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