Honkai Star Rail Ministry Of Education Quiz Part 7 Answer

This guide shares the questions and answers for the Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz while detailing what it is about.

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Here's every question and answer in Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz part 7. © HoYoverse

Ministry of Education is a quiz-based daily mission, officially called 'On the Doorsteps of Science,' which takes place in Jarilo-VI - Administrative District location in Honkai Star Rail.

Players can take part in the quiz to learn more about the game's world and the characters within it, and other lore that many are interested in.

The quiz is separated into different parts where you must talk to the Ministry of Education Officer for the question and options from which you must select the correct answer to complete the quiz.

Among the different parts of the quiz, many players get stuck with Part 7. To help players, we have prepared this handy guide that shares the question and answer for the Ministry of Education Part 7 quiz in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Ministry Of Education Quiz Part 7 Question And Answer

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The Ministry of Education Officer can be found standing next to Manya in the Administrative District. | © HoYoverse

Part 7 of the Ministry of Education quiz in Honkai Star Rail asks players about a certain someone and which door he should open to get a treasure.

Below you can find the exact question in case you want to have a look at it before seeing the answer:

I heard that there’s ancient treasure buried in an inconspicuous corner of the snow plains. Sampo the explorer – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – found the treasure after quite an adventure, and before them, they found two talking gates: One gold, one silver.

One of these two doors only tells the truth, while the other only tells lies. Behind one of these doors lies a treasure, behind the other lies an ancient monster.

A note on the treasure map advises: The two doors will only answer one question.

The quick-witted Sampo – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – gives it some thought before asking the silver door, “What would the gold door say about the thing that lies behind you?”

The silver door answers, “It would say, there is treasure behind me.” Which door should Sampo – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – open?
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Honkai Star Rail Quiz 7
The answer to Part 7 of the Ministry of Education quiz is the first option, 'Open the gold door.' | © HoYoverse | Screengrab Via Mobile Game

Assuming you have read the above question, when you interact with the Ministry of Education Office near Neverwinter Workshop, you will get the following options to choose from:

  • Open the gold gate.
  • Open the silver gate.
  • Open the one with monsters.
  • Like a force of nature, fling open two gates at once!
  • Let me see the question again...

The correct option is the first one, 'Open the gold gate.'

Once you select the first option, the Office will say praise you. Exhaust through his dialogues to conclude the quiz.

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