Honkai Star Rail Luka Materials: Complete List Of Ascension And Trace Materials

This guide lists all Ascension and Trace materials for Luka in Honkai Star Rail while talking about other related things.

Honkai Star Rail Luka
Here's a guide that lists all materials you need for Luka in Honkai Star Rail. | © HoYoverse

Luka is one of the four-star Physical-Type characters following the Path of Nihility in Honkai Star Rail, whom you can use to deal Physical Damage to your opponents while having a chance to inflict the Bleed status effect.

Moreover, his kit makes him a great single-target DPS unit, with his ultimate enabling players to deal extra damage to an opponent than normal using the special effect, 'Fighting Will.'

Seeing all these, Luka is one of the sought-after playable characters in the game that many want to obtain and use in their team composition.

For that, you must know about Luka's ascension and Trace materials required for maxing him out in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Luka Ascension Materials List

Luka Ascension Materials
Below you can find all ascension materials for Luka. | © HoYoverse

Here is a complete list of ascension materials that you need for maxing out Luka's character level in Honkai Star Rail:

Ascension Level 1

  • Credit x3200
  • Ancient Part x4

Ascension Level 2

  • Credit x12,800
  • Ancient Spindle x5
  • Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x2

Ascension Level 3

  • Credit x32,000
  • Ancient Spindle x8
  • Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x5

Ascension Level 4

  • Credit x64,000
  • Ancient Engine x5
  • Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x15

Ascension Level 5

  • Credit x1,28,000
  • Ancient Engine x7
  • Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x28

Apart from that, you need the following level-up materials for reaching level 80 with Luka:

  • Traveler's Guide x289
  • Adventure Log x3
  • Travel Encounters x3

Honkai Star Rail Lika Trace Materials List

Luka Trace Materials
Below you will find the Trace materials needed for each level up. | © HoYoverse

Here are the Trace Materials you will need for Luka:

  • Ancient Part x6
  • Ancient Spindle x7
  • Ancient Engine x12
  • Obsidian of Dread x4
  • Obsidian of Desolation x12
  • Obsidian of Obsession x18
  • Destroyer's Final Road x3
  • Tracks of Destiny x2
  • Credits x6,42,000
Luka Skill Materials
Here are the materials that you need for leveling up skills like Basic Attacks and others. | © HoYoverse

That sums up the total materials needed to upgrade the different Traces for Luka. Other than that, you need the below-mentioned materials for leveling skills:

  • Ancient Part x22
  • Ancient Spindle x25
  • Ancient Engine x30
  • Obsidian of Dread x8
  • Obsidian of Desolation x42
  • Obsidian of Obsession x77
  • NA x9
  • Tracks of Destiny x3
  • Credits x1,758,000

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