Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Tier List: All Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

If you're looking to see who you should focus on in Honkai Star Rail, look no further than our tier list. We list all of the characters from best to worst!

Honkai star rail 1 3
This is our current tier list for Honkai Star Rail! | © HoYoVerse

Honkai Star Rail has just released one of its latest updates, referred to as Honkai Star Rail 1.3! In this new update, players can expect to meet new characters, of course.

They can also unlock an exciting new game mode event where the Trailblazer gets to help manage small businesses in the Aurum Alley.

With new updates comes a need for a tier list of the best characters in the game and who you should prioritize in leveling up, gearing, and grinding to the highest level.

Honkai Star Rail 1.3 Character Tier List

With this tier list, we have split the roster of characters into three separate categories: Overall Ranking, Single Target DPS, AOE DPS, and Support.

Each tier list is ranked from SS tier to F tier.

SS Tier

These are the must-haves that make all of the content in the game the easiest and can be used across almost every team.

S Tier

These are the characters who are super strong in what they do. They can also act as a core member in many teams across the game but may need more investment than others.

A Tier

These characters are strong, but they will definitely need more investment and care. This means they're supported by their artifacts, weapons, and other characters on the team.

B Tier

These characters are good but are pushed into the niche category. They are going to be those characters when put into a specific team they will shine exceptionally.

C Tier

These are like the characters in the B Tier, but they are going to be the ones who are first to be moved off the team when you get someone on the higher tier.

F Tier

These are the lowest tier for a reason. You should only use characters in here if you don't have 'ANYBODY' else in the tiers above.

Best Overall Characters In Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

Honkai Star Rail Bronya
These are the best Overall characters in Honkai Star Rail. | ©HoYoVerse

DPS are the main damage dealers for your party and are going to be the ones you want to use to set up breaks during combat.

SSImbibitor Lunae, Seele, Bronya, Luocha, Silver Wolf, Tingyun


Blade, Kafka, Jing Yuan, Clara, Bailu, Gepard, Pela, Welt, Yukong, Asta, Trailblazer (Fire)
AYanqing, March 7th, Natasha, Dan Heng, Hook, Sushang, Luka, Himeko
BQingque, Arlan, Serval
CSampo, Trailblazer (Physical)

Best Single Target DPS Characters In Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

Honkai Star Rail Seele
This is the list of the best Single Target DPS in Honkai Star Rail! | ©HoYoVerse

Single Target DPS are the characters who excel at focusing solely on just one enemy on the screen.


Imbibitor Lunae, Seele


Yanqing, Blade, Kafka, Jing Yuan
AClara, Dan Heng, Hook, Sushang, Luka
BQingque, Arlan, Himeko, Sampo
CTrailblazer (Physical), Serval



Best AOE Target DPS Characters In Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

Honkai Star Rail Kafka
These are the best AoE characters in Honkai Star Rail! | ©HoYoVerse

AOE (Area of Effect) Target DPS characters are the ones who can hit all of the characters on the screen in one attack. In this case, they are usually the core DPS of most teams.

SSBlade, Imbibitor Lunae, Kafka, Jing Yuan
SSeele, Clara
AHimeko, Serval, Qingque
BSampo, Herta, Sushang, Yanqing, Hook
CDan Heng, Trailblazer, Luka


Best Support Characters In Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

Honkai star rail silver wolf
These are the best Support characters in Honkai Star Rail! | ©HoYoVerse

You use Support characters for their buffs, shields, heals, and debuffs. They may also provide a really great Ability or a Skill you may want.

SSBronya, Luocha, Silver Wolf, Tingyun


Bailu, Gepard, Pela, Welt


March 7th

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