Wild Rift Beginner's Guide: Get a Headstart!

Wild Rift Wallpaper
Now with a new wallpaper! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Many are already enjoying the open beta of Wild Rift while we still have to wait. At the beginning of December, the much-awaited release should be ready and we want to give you a guide about everything you need to get started right away!

Since we don't want you going clueless into the Open Beta, we have all the information you need here, so you can start right away and play your first matches. Whether you're a battle-hardened LoL veteran, a potential newcomer to the game or a player who doesn't have a gaming PC and can only rock mobile, this will be of some help to you! Let's get to it!

Wild Rift Modes

First of all, let's give you a basic tour of the client and explain all the functions it has.

After you have clicked on the big blue Play button, you can choose one of 4 different game modes:

  • Ranked
  • Normal: PvP, Co-op vs. AI
  • Training: Tutorials, Practice
  • Custom: Blind Pick, Draft Pick

Ranked is, as you can imagine, the competitive section of the game. There, defeats and victories are counted into your rank. If you're not ready for this – and especially if you're a rookie – we suggest practicing a little in Normal mode. There, you can fight against other players in non-ranked matches or in a co-op mode against bots.

The Training mode gives you another chance to play through the tutorial and to test and practice the champions. Don't underestimate the power of practice!

In Custom, you have the Blind Pick and Draft Pick modes.

Blind Pick
: You can choose any champion you want and the lane that goes with it.

Draft Pick
: Here it works the same way as in Ranked... but it will not be counted to your LP. First, you choose a lane and then you can ban champions that you don't want to have in the match. When this is done, you can take your pick from the remaining champions.

Don't forget to finish the training at least once to get your rewards!

Wild Rift Store

Wild Rift Poro Coins
Wild Rift Poro coins (Image credit: Riot Games)

Here are the different sections of the Store:

  • Featured
  • Champion
  • Skin
  • Items
  • Poro Store

Featured shows all new events, skins, icons and emotes you can get. The Champion and Skin tabs show the champions and all their skins. By clicking on Items, you can collect Collectibles, which you can find from time to time next to defeated enemies in battle.

In the Poro Store, you can spend Poro Coins or convert them to Poro Energy. If you have enough, you can exchange them for skin chests and champion poses.


  • Champions
  • Skins
  • Personalization
  • Emotes

Under the Collection tab, you can check which Champions, Skins and Emotes you already own. Under Personalization, you can set a few things like which Recall, Rift Emblem or Baubles you want to use.

Similar to the PC version of LoL, you have the option to create your own loadouts. This means that you can save the runes, spells and items you use for your champs there so you can activate them directly for a match without having to go through everything again before the fight starts.

Wild Rift Loadout
This is how a Loadout can look like. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Other Things to Check Out

In the Leaderboard, you can check your rank and see the top players in Ranked. You can also check which build people are using to play their champs.

Vault is basically your inventory. This is where you will find your Poro Coins and the rewards you get by completing missions. The missions have daily events, but also a weekly challenge that rewards a chest when you complete it. In general, you get XP, Poro Coins and Blue Motes through the missions.

What are Blue Motes? Blue Motes are the in-game currency that you can earn during battles. Wild Cores, another currency, can be obtained by spending real money.


In your profile, you can access a lot of different kinds of information. In the overview, you can see your customizable icon and your level. Match History shows detailed information about your recent matches. To improve your game, it's a good idea to have a look at the Most Played and Stats tabs. They show you how you are doing with your champs in the fights!

And last but not least, we have the Achievements! There are currently 122 achievements that you can complete and earn Achievement Points. You can also get rewards for these, so don't skip them!

Are you excited to play Wild Rift? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. And for more news, like which Championship Skins we might get from Damwon Gaming, keep reading EarlyGame!

Original Article written by EarlyGame's Tamara Dodlek