Wild Rift: How to Unlock New Champions

Wild Rift Wallpaper
Which Champion will you choose? (Image Credit: Riot Games)

When entering Wild Rift, you’re given a couple of free champions which you merely unlock by playing a couple of games. By levelling up the game will automatically give you Blitzcrank, Master Yi, Jinx Garen, Ashe and Ahri.

Of course, there is also the free-champion rotation which lets players try out some of the champions they do not own. Find someone who really fits your style? Well, then it’s time to play to get enough blue Motes to unlock them.

But there are also easier ways to get new Champions into your lineup than merely farming blue Motes. There are multiple events and missions that players can partake in, which give you free random champion shards, or even shards wherein players get to pick the exact champion they want.

How to Find Events?

When logging into Wild Rift, players will be on the home page of the game. The play button will be on the bottom right, multiple other tabs on the bottom as well, but the event tab is on the top left under the summoner icon you chose.

Just by playing various tutorials, you’ll be able to unlock champion and skin chests to beef up your playable champions. Currently, the main event is the Noxian brotherhood, which is centered around two new champions, Darius and Draven.

There is also the Rift-to-Rift rewards quest, which gives players champion and skin chests. Through this event, players merely have to play games of Wild Rift to unlock these added bonus chests. Only champions like Darius, Draven, and Wukong aren’t available through this event, since as mentioned above, they have their own taking place.


Players also gain new champions through completing missions. The mission tab is on the bottom right, beside the play button. There, certain tasks are given to players to complete. Completing these will give them weekly points, which can be used to unlock the mission rewards.

Completing the missions and gaining the rewards will give players more blue Motes, Poro Coins and XP. So start playing to gain weekly chests and more Blue Motes to be able to choose the Champion for you!

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