Apex Mobile Community Enraged Over Kings Canyon Return In Season 3

A leak that suggests Apex Legends Mobile will continue with Kings Canyon in Season 3 has many in the community up in arms.

Apex kings canyon
Despite hopes that Olympus would be coming to Apex Legends Mobile, it now likes like Season 3 will feature Kings Canyon once again. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is going through a difficult patch, and it looks like that is set to continue after it emerged that Kings Canyon will likely be the battle royale map throughout Season 3.

The map, which was introduced in Season 2: Distortion, is probably the least popular from the mainline game, and many Apex Mobile players were hoping that Olympus would replace it in Season 3, especially after leaked footage from a closed beta test showed the map was in a playable state in the mobile title.

But that doesn't look like it'll be the case, as a dataminer claims he's found evidence that Kings Canyon will return for Season 3.

Kings Canyon Will Be Apex Mobile's Season 3 Battle Royale Map, Leaker Claims

In a now-deleted tweet dataminer, ThatOneGamingBot, posted a map of Kings Canyon found in the game's files. The new map reveals changes to that seen in Season 2.5: Hyperbeat - evidence that the leaker believes points to the map's continuing presence in Season 3.

season 3 is about to go down hill before starting lol from PlayApexMobile

That followed the same dataminer's discovery of "UI elements" and event files for Season 3 that made reference to Kings Canyon.

Apex Mobile's seasons run for approximately six weeks, and with the season's often split into two halves, it has left many wondering if they will be stuck with Kings Canyon for a further 12 more weeks.

The reaction to ThatOneGamingBot's discovery was so vitriolic that they felt it necessary to delete the original tweet, but you only have to look at the comments in the Reddit thread discussing the leak to get an idea of how dejected the community is feeling over this news.

The Kings Canyon map is far from the only criticism facing the game, the lack of in-season content is poor compared to other big-budget mobile battle royales, and their is a feeling that the developers don't do enough to communicate with players or listen to feedback.

Last week one of the game's most popular content creators. ImOw, claimed he was kicked from the EA Creator program for a series of tweets where he publically called out the developers.

Season 3 is expected to be released in early October.

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