Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Season 1: Rewards, End Date, More

Ranked season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile is coming to an end, what rewards are in store for you and what is its end date? This guide explains all.

Season 1 apex legends mobile
Ranked Season 1 is coming to an end. Here is everything you need to know. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in its second season but the Ranked Seasons run at a different pace with Ranked Season 1 set to end in just over a week.

The Ranked Season is for the grinders, serving up various rewards for those that climb the ladder. Players will need an account at level 8 before being able to enter the Ranked mode. The mode sees players earn points based on good performances (i.e lots of kills) and winning matches. Starting at Iron, layers "pay" a certain amount of these Ranked Points (RP) in each match, so that performance needs to be better than the cost of entry - if they do, they will climb the ranks.

Knowing the end date of the Ranked Season is also important because, when the season comes to an end, the ranks are given a reset, and whatever rank you end in determines the rewards you will receive.

If you are at all confused, this Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Season 1 explainer will break down everything you need to know.

When Does Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Season 1 End?

Despite initially being announced to end on Friday, July 8, the developers have recently announced that the Season 1 end date has been brought forward one day and will now end at 10 pm UTC on Thursday, July 8.

Once the season is over, the rewards will be dolled out, and Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 will begin shortly after - though the exact start date has to be announced.

The devs also explain that, heading into Season 2, there will be a "soft ladder reset", meaning some of your MMR from the previous season will be considered when placing you in Ranked Season 2.

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Season 1 - All Rewards

The ranked rewards are designed to give you the potential to show off your achievements to your friends and enemies. The rewards start at Bronze, which is one rank above Iron, meaning you will have to have played at least some ranked games (and did well), after reaching account level 8, to get any rewards.

The rewards for Ranked Season 1 have been revealed and include sprays, avatars, and frames.

Ranked season 1 rewards
The sprays available in Ranked Season 1. | © Respawn Entertainment

Here are all the rewards for Ranked Season 1:

  • Bronze: Ranked Match Bronze Rank Holo Spray
  • Silver: Ranked Match Silver Rank Holo Spray
  • Gold: Ranked Match Gold Rank Holo Spray
  • Platinum: Ranked Match Platinum Rank Holo Spray
  • Diamond: S1 Diamond Ranked Match Trail, S1 Diamond Avatar Frame, Ranked Match Diamond Rank Holo Spray
  • Master I: S1 Master I Ranked Match Trail, S1 Master I Avatar Frame, Ranked Match Master I Rank Holo Spray
  • Predator: S1 Predator Ranked Match Trail, S1 Predator Avatar Frame, Ranked Match Predator Rank Holo Spray

As you can see the number of rewards increases as you climb the ranks and the aesthetic gets more elaborate the higher you go. You have a good amount of time to push on to an even higher rank, so if these rewards look good to you, make sure you get the necessary games in before July 8.

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