Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: All Weapon And Legend Balance Changes

Season 2, Distortion, is introducing a series of weapon and Legend balance changes to Apex Legends Mobile. Here are all the details.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 weapon balance changes
Apex Legends Mobile Distortion introduces Rhapsody and a host of weapon balance changes. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is about to enter its second season, which is also set to introduce its second mobile-exclusive legend in the shape of Rhapsody and her helpful companion Rowdy. Not only that, but players can also expect a brand new battle pass, two new maps (one of which is the ever-popular Kings Canyon from the mainline game), and a whole host of new events, cosmetics, and game modes.

But that is not all, and maybe not even the most important changes, as, for the first time since release, Apex Legends Mobile is getting a series of weapon and Legend balance changes that aim to shake up the meta.

Knowing these Legend and weapon balance changes is important as they will determine what the best guns and characters are in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2. Lucky for you, we have all the buffs and nerfs heading into the new season which is dropping on Wednesday, July 12.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 - Weapon Balance Changes

Heading into Season 2, the vast majority of balance changes affect the game's arsenal of weapons, from changing what guns are fully kitted to damage changes are all making their way into the update.

Loot Changes

  • Fully kitted weapons changed to Havok, Prowler, Spitfire, Charge Rifle & Mastiff.
  • EVA-8 & Devotion moved to Care Package, Spitfire and Volt removed from Care Package.

Weapon Changes

The vast majority of weapon balance changes are nerfs to some of the game's more powerful weapons, with the M600 Spitfire LMG and Volt SMG both getting hit hard.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Weapon And Legend Balance Changes
The Volt is being nerfed in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

However, both of those weapons will no longer be found in Care Packages, so they will be seen on the battlefield a whole lot more.

  • EVA-8 base pellet damage increased from 6 to 7, spare ammo stack adjusted to 60.
  • Devotion base damage increased from 16 to 17, spare ammo stack adjusted to 270.
  • Removed Spitfire barrel attachment slot. Increased tactical reload speed from 2.37s to 2.57s.
  • Regular Spitfire reload speed increased from 3.06s to 3.26s. Magazine capacity adjusted to 40/45/50/55.
  • Volt base damage reduced from 17 to 15.
  • Volt magazine capacity adjusted to 21/24/27/32.
  • Peacekeeper lower limb damage ratio adjusted from 0.8 to 1
  • Mozambique lower limb damage ratio adjusted from 0.93 to 1

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 - Legend Balance Changes

Not much to comment on here; teammates will no longer collide with each other taking some of the pain out of moving together. Pathfinder gets a small buff with his hook no longer automatically dragging him towards an opponent he has hooked, while Octane can't do a second jump from his jump pad when using healing items.

  • Added the ability for Pathfinder’s hook to pull enemies without Pathfinder being pulled towards the enemy.
  • Disabled the ability to use the second jump from Octane’s jump pad while using healing items.
  • Removed collision for teammates.

And that's it!

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