Apex Legends Season 3 To Introduce Ash, But Kings Canyon Remains

Ash makes her debut in Apex Legends Mobile, while Fade gets the first signature weapon in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions.

Ash apex legends season 3
Ash is set to make her debut in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3. | © Respawn Entertainment

We've just got our first look at Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 with the release of the launch trailer, which confirmed the arrival of Ash.

The season, which has been subtitled 'Champions', will launch on October 19.

Ash's arrival in Season 3 was previously leaked, but fans of the game will still be glad to know of the offensive legend's imminent arrival, as she is one of the most powerful legends in the mainline game.

Fade To Get Signature Weapon In Apex Legends Mobile Season: Champions

Also showcased in the launch trailer was Fade's signature weapon, a new upgradable weapon type that was also the subject of a leak. These new weapons are tied to a specific legend and are similar to the Heirlooms seen in the mainline game.

The weapon will reportedly come in two forms; a bladed knuckle-duster and something similar to a haladie, a double-edged dagger.

Previous leaks have suggested Fade's signature weapon is called 'Constellations' and will have six upgradeable levels, with each level adding a new cosmetic feature. Though, it must be said this has not yet been confirmed by the developers.

In time, it is expected that all legends will get a signature weapon.

Kings Canyon Remains

While the Season 3 trailer was the visual feast that we've all that we have come to expect from Apex Legends' promotional material, it will likely let many down as it basically confirmed that the unpopular Kings Canyon map is set to return.

Many had hoped that the Olympus map, which was previously seen in a playable state in a China-only test build, would make an appearance in Season 3, but with Kings Canyon taking center stage in the trailer, with a new floating stadium for legends to battle it out in, this seems like wishful thinking.

Kings Canyon 2
Kings Canyon will be the sight of a new floating arena. | © Respawn Entertainment

Though, who knows? There has been some talk in the community that Season 3 will introduce a map rotation system; however, with no patch notes yet, we can't be certain.

So far, Apex Legends Mobile has only featured World's Edge and Kings Canyon, with the latter being the game's only battle royale map since the launch of Season 2 back in July.

Can Apex Legends Mobile Get Back On Track?

Apex Legends Mobile has had a troubling couple of months, with many in the community becoming dissatisfied with the lack of content coming to the game.

That wasn't exactly helped when Season 3: Champions was effectively delayed, with players instead getting the Aftershow update earlier this month, which featured a two-week-long battle pass and a limited-time mode, among some other minor changes.

The community has become increasingly vocal in their criticisms of the title, with other complaints centered on the lack of communication from the developers, a failure to listen to feedback, and for not doing enough to squash bugs and improve in-game performance, which can be especially poor on Android devices.

Recently, things got so heated one prominent content creator was kicked from the EA Creator Program after publically slamming the dev team over Twitter.

With the hype around rival battle royale title Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile reaching a fever pitch, there's a lot riding on Season 3's ability to get the fans of the game back onside. It could be make-or-break for Apex Legends Mobile.

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