Apex Mobile: All Legends Are Free To Play This Weekend

Every legend is free to play this weekend in Apex Legends Mobile.

Revenant 4
Every legend in Apex Legends Mobile is free to play this weekend. | © Respawn Entertainment

Unlocking legends in Apex Legends Mobile can be both a time-consuming and expensive process and one which may see you picking up a dud.

But that isn't a concern for fans of the game this weekend, as the developers have announced that all legends are free to play for the next couple of days.

That means players can get a shot of Revenant and Ash, the two most recent additions to the Apex Mobile roster, having made their debuts in Season 3.5 and Season 3, respectively.

While fans of Apex Legends who have yet to try out the mobile port may be curious to see how mobile-exclusive legends Fade and Rhapsody play.

The developers haven't announced when the free-to-play weekend will end, but it will likely be early on Monday morning. That means you have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night to experiment with all the characters available in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in Season 3.5, which has not been well-received, with many complaining about the lack of ongoing content.

Fans will be hoping the game picks up steam in the new year when Season 4 is expected to add the popular Olympus map and another new signature weapon.