Apex Mobile Season 3 Gameplay Trailer Gives Closer Look At Fade's Signature Weapon, Coliseum POI

Season 3: Champions will introduce signature weapons, the Coliseum, and the Rampage LMG.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 gameplay trailer
Players got an extended look at Ash and Fade's signature weapon in the Apex Mobile Season 3 gameplay trailer. | © Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile is set to launch Season 3: Champions, and to hype up the release, a brand new gameplay trailer has dropped.

The trailer gives an extended look at several levels of Fade's Constellation. This is the first of a new upgradeable weapon type, with the mobile-exclusive legend the first in line for one.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 gameplay trailer
The Apex legends Mobile Season 3 gameplay trailer gives players a first proper look at Fade's signature weapon in action. | © Respawn Entertainment

The Constellation can be both a Wolverine-style set of blades attached to the back of the hand or a two-bladed dagger. Players will first have to unlock the signature weapon before being able to customize it with new textures and animations.

Apex LEgends Mobile Gameplay trailer
Level 5 of Fade's signature weapon. | © Respawn Entertainment

Also on show is the new Coliseum POI that will be present in Kings Canyon.

Players who enter the Coliseum can activate a special dueling mode. Players across the map will be alerted to the challenge, and with each kill that subsequently takes place within the POI, greater rewards will be in store for the victor.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3
The Coliseum adds a dueling system to the Apex Games. | © Respawn Entertainment

The trailer also shows off the new Rampage LMG and offensive legend Ash, with the latter taking the game's roster of legends up to 14.

There is a lot riding on Season 3, with the game coming under mounting criticism in recent weeks, partly due to the perceived lack of content and also because of a feeling within the community that the developers weren't listening to feedback.

That criticism has been noted by the developers, and Season 3 is by far the biggest update to the game since it launched back in May, and the developers and player base will be hoping this marks a turning point for the game.

As well as the new features mentioned above, there is also a reworked ranked mode, the implementation of a map rotation system, and a number of weapon and legend balance changes.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions launches on October 19 at 12 am UTC.