Horizon And Valkyrie Next Legends Coming To Apex Mobile, Leaker Claims

The next legends coming to Apex Legends Mobile will be Horizon and Valkyrie, claims a reputable leaker.

Valk 5
A leaker claims Valkryie (pictured) and Horizon will be coming to Apex Legends Mobile next. | © Respawn Entertainment

Fans of Apex Legends Mobile are tucking into Season 3.5: Underworld, which was released yesterday (November 29), and many will be grinding the battle pass as they attempt to unlock the game's newest legend, Revenant.

But a day is a long time in gaming - especially in the eyes of leakers and data miners - and thanks to one of the most reputable in the Apex Mobile community, we may have learned who will be joining the Legend roster next.

The information comes courtesy of the team at Leakers On Duty, and while not much in the way of evidence is provided, they previously revealed that Ash and Revenant would be the next legends to make the switch from the mainline game to mobile - predictions that proved correct.

According to Leakers On Duty, the next legends coming to Apex Mobile will be Horizon and Valkyrie in Season 4 and Season 4.5, respectively. Both legends are considered some of the best in the mainline game.

Horizon And Valkyrie To Join Apex Mobile

If this proves true, Horizon will be the third offensive legend added in a row, following Ash and Revenant.

Apex legends horizon
Horizon may be the next legend in Apex Mobile. | © Respawn Entertainment

First introduced in Season 7 of the mainline game, Horizon's abilities center on her ability to manipulate gravity, which includes a Gravity Lift tactical and a Spacewalk passive, which allows her to turn quicker in mid-air and reduces fall impact.

Valkyrie, on the other hand, is a recon legend who debuted in Season 9. However, intelligence gathering isn't exactly her forte, but she does have the ability to traverse the map faster than most.

Valkyrie apex legends 3
Valkryie would join the roster of Apex Legends Mobile in Season 4.5 | © Respawn Entertainment

That's thanks to her VTOL Jets passive - essentially a jetpack - and her Skyward Drive ultimate, which allows teammates to join her as she is launched in the air and into a skydive.

These two legends will take the Apex Mobile roster up to 16, fast catching up on the 22 available in the mainline game.

Of course, these legends - if the leak proves correct - won't be available until the launch of the next two seasons. Season 4 is expected to drop early in January next year, while Season 5 will likely release in March.

And thanks to Leakers on Duty, we may have also learned the name of Season 4, which they claim will be called 'Aspire'.

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