How To Unlock Fade's Signature Weapon In Apex Mobile

Learn how to unlock Fade's Signature Weapon for free and how to upgrade it to its maximum level.

Fade Heirloom
Unlocking Fade's Signature Weapon, the Constellation, isn't easy or cheap. Here is how to do it. | © Respawn Entertainment

It's felt like a long time coming, but Apex Legends Mobile has introduced Signature Weapons, with mobile-exclusive legend Fade the first in line for this new upgradeable melee.

Fade's signature weapon, called Constellation, can be obtained in two ways; for free by grinding for Signature Merits or through purchasing Signature Tributes.

With the launch of Season 3: Champions, Fade's Signature Weapon is now available. Below we look at how to unlock it, including how long it might take you.

How To Unlock Fade's Constellation Signature Weapon

It must be said from the outset that unlocking Fade's Signature Weapon is no easy feat. You will have to grind a lot, put down some serious cash, or a combination of both.

Fade's Signature Weapon has six levels. Only the first level can be unlocked with Signature Merits, which can also be unlocked with Signature Tributes.

Levels 2 to 6 can only be unlocked with Signature Tributes, with the cost to do so increasing each time.

Signature Tributes can be purchased from the in-game store under the 'Bundles' tab; however, they are not cheap, and from the outset of Season 3, you can only purchase one of these bundles.

Signature weapon bundle
Purchasing the Signature Weapon bundle is the quickest way to unlock the Constellation. | © Respawn Entertainment

You will need 40 Signature Tributes to unlock the first level of the Constellation, the same amount you can get in the Signature Weapon bundle. This will cost you 1,500 Syndicate Gold or approximately USD 15.

The total cost in Signature Tributes for each level are:

  • Level 1 - 40 Signature Tributes
  • Level 2 - 50 Signature Tributes
  • Level 3 - 60 Signature Tributes
  • Level 4 - 120 Signature Tributes
  • Level 5 - 130 Signature Tributes
  • Level 6 - 190 Signature Tributes
Signature weapon level 6 with effects
Fade's Signature Weapon turns into a two-bladed dagger by level 3. Here it is at level 6 with custom textures and effects. | © Respawn Entertainment

Unlocking the weapon using Signature Merits is a long process.

You need 400 Signature Merits to unlock level 1 of Fade's signature weapon. These can be obtained through the free track of the battle pass, by completing daily missions and opening activity chests, or through the Signature Weapon quest.

Signature Weapon Quest

The Signature Weapon quest is live and runs for 15 days, ending at 12 am UTC on November 2.

Fifteen challenges reward you with event currency that is used to claim Signature Merits. In total, there is 200 Signature Merits up for grabs, 200 short of what you will need to unlock level 1 of the Constellation.

Siganture weapon quest
Complete the Signature Weapon quest to unlock the Constellation without spending a penny. | © Respawn Entertainment

Here are the quests and rewards:

  • Complete 1 match in battle royale - 10 event points
  • As Fade, kill 10 enemies in Kings Canyon mode - 30 event points
  • As Fade, deal 1000 damage in Kings Canyon mode - 50 event points
  • Get 20 assists in ranked match - 100 event points
  • Finish in the top 3 in battle royale 6 times - 100 event points
  • Play 5 ranked matches - 50 event points
  • Play 10 ranked matches - 100 event points
  • Play 20 ranked matches - 200 event points
  • Play 1 match with friends in any mode - 20 event points
  • Play 3 battle royale matches with friends - 60 event points
  • Add 3 friends - 60 event points
  • Play 3 matches with friends in any mode - 100 event points
  • As Bloodhound or Fade, finish in the top 3 in battle royale 2 times - 50 event points
  • As Fade, complete 3 matches in battle royale - 30 event points
  • Use Fade's ultimate 7 times in battle royale - 50 event points

These challenges can be completed in any order, and you can make progress in as many as you are eligible for in a chosen match. Quite a few involve Fade, so you will need to have the legend unlocked to get the maximum amount of Signature Merits.

Those Signature Merits are locked behind milestones of 150 event XP (30 Signature Merits), 500 event XP (70 Signature Merits), and 900 event XP (100 Signature Merits).

With 1010 event XP on offer, you will have to complete nearly all the challenges to get the maximum amount of Signature Merits. You will also have to complete daily missions and level up the battle pass to get the 200 other Signature Merits needed to unlock the weapon. So, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is hooked up to the mains, as you are going to need it.

Once the weapon is unlocked, you can purchase new effects and textures, customizing the weapon in a number of ways. These are purchased with either Signature Merits or Signature Tributes.