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How To Unlock Operators In Rainbow Six Mobile

The system for unlocking operators in Rainbow Six Mobile isn't the same as in Siege. Here is how the ticket system works and how you can unlock each operator as soon as possible.

Rainbow Six Mobile how to unlock operators
A guide to unlocking Rainbow Six Mobile's roster of operators. | © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile has quite a unique system for unlocking the game's operators, which involves players first getting tickets for the operator and then playing a certain amount of matches based on their rarity.

It creates a two-tier system, as you will need to earn Ticket Packs and also the tickets than correspond to the operator before then playing as that operator. Once you have played the required amount of games with the operator, you will be able to play with them forever.

But how do you get Ticket Packs? How many do you need for each operator? And is there a way to speed up this whole process? This guide will help you answer all of these questions.

Rainbow Six Mobile - Operator Rarities

The first step to understanding the system for unlocking operators in Rainbow Six Mobile is the rarity system.

Both attack and defensive operators are given one out of four possible rarities. The higher the rarity, the more tickets need to be collected, and matches have to be played to unlock the operator permanently.

The operator rarities and tickets/matches are as follows:

  • Common (14)
  • Rare (20)
  • Epic (25)
  • Legendary (30)

You can start playing matches as soon as you get tickets for that operator, but once you run out of tickets and haven't yet unlocked the operator, you will be unable to play with them until you get more tickets.

Don't worry if you use up all your tickets but have still not unlocked an operator, as players always have the attack and defense recruit available to play with in matches. These two "operators" don't have unique abilities, and as soon as you have any operator tickets, you will want to be using them.

Rainbow Six Mobile currently has 16 operators split evenly between attack and defense. Listed below are each operator, their rarity, and the amount of tickets and matches you will need to play with them to unlock them.


OperatorRarityTickets / Matches


OperatorRarityTickets / Matches

You can check the progress of unlocking an operator through the operator tab, with the number of tickets you possess and amount of games completed found at the bottom left of the screen.

How Do You Get More Operator Tickets?

Currently, there is only one way to obtain operator tickets, and that is through Ticket Packs which can be unlocked in the battle pass.

Ticket Packs contain three random draws of operator tickets. Each ticket is tied to an operator and comes in the four rarities mentioned before. Once you have an operator, their tickets will no longer appear in packs.

Rainbow Six Mobile ticket packets
You will need to earn Ticket Packs to unlock operators in Rainbow Six Mobile. | © Ubisoft

There are also Big Ticket Packs, which can also be found in the battle pass. These offer five ticket draws.

To get more operator tickets, you will want to level up the battle pass as quickly as possible.

Ticket Packs Rainbow Six Mobile
Ticket Packs give players three ticket draws. | © Ubisoft

The fastest way to do this is by completing daily and weekly challenges, which will involve you not only playing games and acquiring battle pass XP but also getting lump sums when you complete the challenges.

During the closed beta, The Rainbow Initiative battle pass is running, with the premium track containing tickets for Caviera, a legendary operator.

Caveira tickets battle pass
You can get Caveira tickets through the premium battle pass. | © Ubisoft

Though it is described as the premium track, you can't purchase the Platnium in-game currency using real-world money, but you can unlock it through the battle pass and challenges. You will need 1,000 Platnium to unlock the premium tier.

How To Unlock Operators Fast

Once you have the tickets, you will then need to play games to unlock the operator permanently.

There are two tips for making this as fast a process as possible.

The first is always choosing an operator for which you have a ticket and not picking the attack or defense recruit. If you do the latter, you will gain no progress in unlocking operators. Even if the tickets you have is for an operator you don't particularly want to use, it is better than nothing. And who knows, maybe you will discover a new main?

The second is by playing the Quickplay limited-time mode. This takes the game from a best-of-three to a best-of-one, and with that being the case, you can quickly turn your tickets into completed games. Quickplay is available on Monday and Tuesday of each week during the closed beta.

Rainbow Six Mobile unlock operators
Play the Quickplay game mode to complete games faster. | © Ubisoft

That's it for our guide on how to unlock operators in Rainbow Six Mobile; we will continue to update this guide with new operators and ways to unlock them as they are added to the game.

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