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Rainbow Six Mobile: All Game Modes

Rainbow Six Mobile has a number of limited-time modes to play, here they are all in a handy list.

Rainbow Six Mobile all game modes
Rainbow Six Mobile has various game modes. Here they are listed and what times they are on. | © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile looks to take Siege's team-based, gadget-heavy, tactical shooter and bring it to the small screen, and even though it's only in closed beta, it's safe to say they have succeeded in those aims.

The game has the operators, the weaponry, the maps, and the destructible you have come to expect from the franchise, and has created a mobile-friendly control scheme that manages to keep all potential chaos functional.

Another feature that the Rainbow Six Mobile developers look to replicate from Siege is introducing limited-time modes to keep the action fresh. Even in the closed beta, the developers have already introduced three time-limited modes, which change some of the game's fundamental rules to make it, for example, more hardcore or, on the flip side, a more casual experience.

Rainbow Six Mobile - Core Game Modes

With the current closed beta, Rainbow Six Mobile features two game modes: Secure Area and Bomb.

In their standard configuration, both game modes are team-based 5v5 games played as a best-of-three.

Secure Area

In Secure Area, attackers must locate the room housing the biohazard container and hold the position for ten consecutive seconds. Defenders must stop this from happening by maintaining a presence within the room. Defenders are notified when the attackers start securing the area. The timer will stop and become contested should a defender enter the room.

If the round timer ends and the objective is still contested, the round will go into overtime, which will continue until either side is no longer in the objective room.

The match will end if the attackers secure the area, the round timer expires, or all players on a team have been eliminated.


Two bombs have been placed on the map. Attackers must attempt to defuse one of the bombs by activating the defuser. At the start of each round, the defuser is carried by the player that volunteers to take possession of it. The defuser can be dropped by the holder or is automatically dropped if the holder is killed, at which point all other teammates may pick it up.

Bomb sites are typically they are placed in rooms next to each other or in close proximity. However, some maps feature split bomb sites, in which the site will be split between floors.

Rainbow Six Mobile game modes
Bomb is one of Rainbow Six Mobile's core game modes. | © Ubisoft

Once planted, the defuser will take 45 seconds to disarm the bomb. The attackers win the round if they can defuse one of the two bombs or if the enemy team is eliminated. The defenders must prevent the attackers from activating the defuser or disable the defuser that has already been activated. The defenders can win by destroying the defuser after it has been planted or eliminating the attackers before they're able to plant the defuser.

Rainbow Six Mobile - Limited-Time Modes

Throughout the closed beta, there are three limited-time modes running, with each having a slot throughout the week.

The three modes are:

  • Veteran
  • Quickplay
  • Happy Hour

Veteran and Quickplay are variants of Secure Area and Bomb, while Happy Hour gives players the opportunity to play with the developers.

Below are their time slots and what they change.


Veteran game mode rainbow six mobile
The Veteran game mode runs every weekend of the closed beta. | © Ubisoft

The Veteran game mode is for the hardcore Rainbow Six Mobile fan.

Gone are the red enemy outlines that help make seeing those peering through cracks easier. Match lengths have been increased, with the best-of-three becoming a best-of-five.

Rainbow Six Mode hardcore mode veteran
The red outline usually around the opposing team's players has been turned off in Rainbow Six Mobile's Veteran limited-time mode. | © Ubisoft

Matchmaking is also deliberately longer, with a focus on matching players with as many real-world players as possible. Players' MMR is also not taken into consideration.

Veteran mode runs every weekend the close beta is live, starting on Friday at 8 am PT (11 am ET / 3 pm GMT) before going offline on Sunday at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET / 12 am GMT).


Quickplay rainbow six mobile
Quickplay runs on Monday and Tuesday throughout the closed beta. | © Ubisoft

Quickplay is the polar opposite of Veteran, offering up a more casual experience.

Quickplay offers quicker matchmaking, best-of-one matches instead of best-of-three, with totally random modes and maps.

Quickplay runs every week from 8 am PT (11 am ET / 3 pm GMT) on Monday until 5 pm PT (8 pm ET / 12 pm GMT) on Tuesday.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is less a game mode and more an opportunity, with players potentially able to match and play with the Rainbow Six Mobile developers.

With the development undertaken by Ubisoft Montreal, it is likely that only North American players playing on North American servers will be able to take full advantage of this.

In all other factors, this is the same as the standard game modes.

Happy Hour runs on Wednesdays from 8 to 9 pm ET.

These variant game modes are likely just the start. Rainbow Six Siege has a long history of unique limited-time modes, often tied to real-world holidays like Halloween and including an assortment of cosmetics. As Rainbow Six Mobile goes from closed beta to global release, expect more substantial game modes in the future.

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