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Does Rainbow Six Mobile Have Headshots? Devs Detail Game's Damage Model

How does Rainbow Six Mobile's damage modeling work? The developers revealed some aspects in a recent FAQ.

Rainbow Six mobile headshots damage modeling
A recent developer FAQ revealed aspects of Rainbow Six Mobile's damage modeling. | © Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Mobile is billed as a "reimaging" of Rainbow Six Siege, and with that being the case, the former makes a number of changes to make it a more enjoyable experience on mobile.

One of those changes is the way Rainbow Six Mobile's damage model works, which is more forgiving than that seen in Siege.

When the game launched into closed beta, these changes were not publically disclosed, but due to questions from testers, the developers have now detailed how the damage model works and answered if the game has one-shot-kill headshots like in Siege in a recent developer FAQ delivered via the official Rainbow Six Mobile Discord channel.

Knowing how much damage you can take or dish out is important in a competitive game such as Rainbow Six Mobile, so if you are intent on grinding up the ranks (when such a system arrives), then you will want to know how it all works - and you can find out how it does below.

Does Rainbow Six Mobile Have One-Shot Headshots?

Yes, but it works differently than in Siege.

Siege rather infamously has one-shot-kill headshots from any distance, but in Rainbow Six Mobile, they do not always grant a kill.

Whether they do or not depends on the weapon, with headshots offering a 2x damage modifier, so only the most powerful assault rifles (there are no snipers in the game currently) will drop an opponent with one headshot. Unlike body/leg shots, headshots do not scale down with distance.

Rainbow Six Mobile damage model headshots
One headshot can be all it takes to bring you down in Rainbow Six Mobile. | © Ubisoft

Explaining their thoughts on why Rainbow Six Mobile has changed it up from Siege, the developers said that they wanted to reward precision over "accidental headshots."

How Does The Rest Of Rainbow Six Mobile's Damage Model Work?

When it comes to the damage model outside of headshots, the developers revealed a few details.

As mentioned above, body and leg shot damage scales down with distance, which means, as an example, a shotgun may deal 120 damage up to 10 meters but fall off to 60 at 10-20m, 30 at 30-40m, and so on.

Exact damage figures for the game's arsenal of weapons are not yet available, which currently features assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns. However, you can reasonably suspect that assault rifles will offer up the highest damage output and be most effective at range, followed by submachine guns and then shotguns, in that order.

Rainbow Six Mobile damage drop off
The game features a damage drop-off based on how far you are away from your target. | © Ubisoft

The developers also explained the 'down-but-not-out' (DNBO) system as it appears in Rainbow Six Mobile, explaining that when players first die, they will go DNBO unless they are killed by a headshot at a moderate range.

This is all we know at the moment. Weapon balance and damage modeling changes are par for the course of every competitive shooter, and as more players get the opportunity to play Rainbow Six Mobile, the case for making tweaks will become more apparent. On that point, the developers have said they constantly monitoring the damage drop-off ranges and rules and are willing to make changes.

We will continue to update this page as the game continues through the testing phases, up until the global release and after.

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