Wild Rift Weekly Free Champion Rotation (March 23)

Each week a new roster of Wild Rift champions becomes free-to-play. Here is the latest for the week starting March 23, 2023.

Bewitching Morgana Skin
Morgana, The Fallen. | © Riot Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift has a rapidly growing caster of champions for players to command, with well over 70 currently on the roster.

However, players must unlock these champions through in-game events or purchase them in the in-game store.

Choosing what champion you might want to take the time to purchase or grind for gets more difficult as the number of available champions increases. Especially true for new players, who may find the choice off-putting.

Thankfully, each week, the developers add ten characters to a free-to-play list, allowing players to try a new champion and see if they fit within their play style.

These free-to-play champions change every week, so to help keep you up to date, this page will serve as a jumping-off point, continually updated with the new Wild Rift free-to-play champions.

When Do New Free-To-Play Champions Get Added To Wild Rift?

The free-to-play champions change every week,with the rotation day being Wednesday, with the next update being 12:01 am UTC on March 23.

The new champions will stay free to play for seven days before they are rotated out for a new batch of characters.

Wild Rift Free-To-Play Champions (March 23)

The following ten champions are available to play for free from March 23.


Regifted amumu skin
Amumu, the Sad Mummy. | © Riot Games


Golden alistair
Alistar, The Minotaur. | © Riot Games


Brand no skin
Brand, The Burning Vengence. | © Riot Games


High Nooon Darius
Darius, The Hand of Noxus. | © Riot Games


Gragas Caskbreaker
Gragas, The Rabble Rouser. | © Riot Games


Battle Academia Caitlyn HD
Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. | © Riot Games


Majestic Empress Morgana lol skins on sale
Morgana, The Fallen. | © Riot Games


Space Groove Samira
Samira, the Desert Rose. | © Riot Games


White Mage Veigar
Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil. | © Riot Games


Ruined Pantheon
Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear. | © Riot Games

Check back with us on March 29for the next set of free-to-play champions.

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