The Best Gun Game Maps In Fortnite | All Map Codes

Here's a complete list of the best Gun Game maps that you can currently play with in Fortnite.

Fortnite Gun Game
We'll show you the best maps to play Gun Game in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

Since its inception in 2018 by Epic Games, Fortnite's Creative mode has captivated players by granting them the power to bring their dream maps to life. Players have been able to unleash their creativity and indulge in various popular modes, including the beloved Gun Game mode.

For those familiar with shooters, Gun Game is likely not new to you. The rules are straightforward. First, gather a group of players on a designated map. From there, you'll need to eliminate as many opponents as possible. Each successful elimination grants you a new weapon. The first player to secure a kill with every weapon wins the match.

In this article, we will delve into the mechanics of gun games within Fortnite and showcase a selection of the finest gun game maps found in the battle royale universe.

The Best Gun Game Maps In Fortnite

Fortnite Gun Game2
Dive into some heavy-duty Gun Game action with these maps. | © Epic Games

You'll find our carefully curated selection of the finest Gun Game maps below. Simply enter the corresponding code into the "Island Code" section of Fortnite and you'll be ready to dive right in.

Whether you're seeking intense battles or creative designs, our list has something for everyone.

Summer Time Gun Game | Map Code: 5497-9533-0527

Escape to the virtual shores of Slurp Beach for a beachside Gun Game extravaganza. With its enticing fast food trucks, Ferris wheel, and boardwalk carnival games, this map promises a fun-filled day in the sun. Be the first to secure 25 eliminations and prove your dominance in this beach-themed battleground.

Terminal MW2 Remake Gun Game | Map Code: 4340-5772-0250

For Modern Warfare enthusiasts, the Terminal MW2 Remake Gun Game Map offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Set in an airport terminal, this map provides opportunities for strategic play, whether you choose to engage in intense battles within the terminal or surprise opponents from the confines of an aircraft.

Bikini Bottom Gun Game | Map Code: 3300-7669-9591

Join Spongebob and his friends in the whimsical Bikini Bottom Gun Game Map. Dive into the colorful underwater city and engage in frenzied combat inspired by the beloved cartoon. With a variety of weapons and random events, this map guarantees a thrilling and amusing experience.

Fortnite Gun Game3
Gun Game is a test of pure skill. | © Epic Games

Among Us Gun Game | Map Code: 1665-4835-6529

Step aboard in the Among Us Gun Game Map. Transplanting the iconic Among Us setting into Fortnite, this map allows you to navigate the spaceship, utilizing ventilation shafts for strategic teleportation between rooms. Unmask the impostors and emerge victorious in this captivating crossover adventure.

Gun Game Quest | Map Code: 8402-5347-6470

Challenge your skills in the Gun Game Quest Map, a refreshing twist on the genre. Instead of cycling through weapons, you'll level up your arsenal by earning kills. The more eliminations you achieve, the higher the rarity of your weapons becomes. If you fall, simply select your preferred loadout and swiftly jump back into the action.

First Person Gun Game | Map Code: 6821-7528-4726

For a unique perspective, try the First Person Gun Game Ma. Explore the world of Fortnite from a first-person viewpoint and race against others to be the first to reach 25 kills. It's a refreshing change of pace that offers a thrilling twist to the classic gun game experience.

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