Apex Legends Mobile | New Legend: Fade - Abilities & Lore

The first exclusive Legend in Apex Mobile has arrived: Fade. Here's the lore behind Fade, and a rundown of his abilities.

Apex legends mobile fade abilities
Another assassin? | © EA

"A new Legend? So soon? But we literally just had Newcastle?" I can hear you protest. And you would be right; Newcastle is the shiny new Legend in the console and PC versions of the game. But Apex Legends Mobile just got its own new and exclusive Legend that won't be coming to the original game. Here's a scary character: he's called Fade, and here's what he does on the battlefield.

Who Is Fade?

  • Real Name: Ignacio Huamani
  • Age: 26
  • Home World: Solace

Ignacio comes from a family of treasure hunters. They would seek out lost technologies and sell what they found to make a living.

One day, they came across a forsaken bunker, and Ignacio discovered a mysterious high-tech suit. But at that moment, mercs descended upon the bunker, looking to steal the family's treasures.

Ignacio turned on the suit, and it teleported him to safety, but his family was left behind and killed. Now, Fade uses the suit to enter the Apex Games. And he hopes one day to avenge his family.

New Apex Legend Fade: Abilities

What Is Fade's Tactical: Flash Back

Go back to where you were a while ago from the void. This is basically like going through a Wraith portal backward. It's a fantastic ability that will keep you alive in dangerous situations, but it takes practice to use this really effectively rather than as merely a panic button.

Fade Ability Flash Back Tactical
The ultimate get-out-of-jail card? | © EA

What Is Fade's Passive: Slip Stream

You gain a short movement boost at the end of a slide. Much like the tactical, this also a very strong ability, and especially in mobile where speed is so important. They've probably introduced this ability because slide cancelling is so fiddly on mobile.

Fade ability slip stream
A passive slide cancel booster. | © EA

What Is Fade's Ultimate: Phase Chamber

Release a phase cage to send all Legends within range into the Void. If you're familiar with Horizon's Ult, then this will be pretty quick for you to learn to use effectively. It's almost identical to Black Hole, in fact. Chuck it into a group of enemies and consider it to be an incredible grenade.

Fade ability phase chamber ult
This is quite a strong aggressive ult, but it's not game-breaking. | © EA

That was your complete overview of Fade. He's a bloody good Legend, but certainly not the easiest to use. Still, he deserved the spot he got in our tier-ranking of all Legends for Apex Mobile.