Apex Legends Mobile | What's In The Store Today?

Apex Legends Mobile has a massive store. Even bigger than the original game's. But how do you use it? And what can you buy this week?

Mobile item store apex
What have we got in store today? | © EA

Apex Legends Mobile is completely free. Awesome; loads of content, and all you need is a phone. But how are they funding it? Cosmetic microtransactions of course. Octane skins, Bloodhound skins, R-301 skins, you name it — they've got it.

But we actually have a rotational store in Apex Legends Mobile, so you're getting a different selection each week, rather than a constant list of items. So what's on offer this week? And how do you even use the store? Check it out below.

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: Featured

The Featured part of the Apex Legends Mobile store is where you can find the latest bundles and skins. This section might also redirect you to other parts of the store.

This week we have very little to share with you unfortunately as the only thing in the Featured part of the store will direct you to the Emporium, which we explain below.

Apex Item Store featured
it's empty right now, but usually this will be the best part fo the Store. | © EA

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: Emporium

In the Emporium you can buy Apex Packs for the current event. Apex Packs are random loot boxes that cost about a dollar. Buy the pack, open it up, and you get three random items from the list of possible rewards. You can see the rewards on the right-hand side, so decide if you like these items before trying your luck on Apex Packs.

This week items from Extreme Speed collection are in the Emporium.

Apex Legends Mobile Store Emporium
You can find special Apex Packs in the Emporium. | © EA

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: Syndicate Packs

Common Apex Packs

In the Syndicate Packs part of the store you can buy normal Apex Packs. These Apex Packs cost a dollar and will give you three random items. But because these are normal packs you could get literally any item in the game, they aren't just going to give you items from a certain season or event.

Apex Legends Mobile Store Syndicate Packs
This is where you can buy Apex Packs. | © EA

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: Items

The Item section of the store is simply for buying low-level single items. This isn't the fanciest part of the store, but it's the cheapest, and you get what you pay for rather than a random loot box.

This week in the Item Store we have two banners:

Item NameItem TypeItem Cost (Syndicate Gold)
Club Creation Card



ID Creation CardBanner299
Apex Legends Mobile Store Items
So far, almost nothing in this part of the store. | © EA

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: For You

In the "For You" part of the store you'll find items available for purchase that are based on how you play, So if you use Octane and the R-99 a lot, for instance, you're likely to get a lot of Octane and R-99 skins in the For You part of the store.

This part of the store is made just for you each week, so we can't let you know what you'll find there each week, unfortunately.

Apex Legends Mobile Store For You
This needs to be in every game. | © EA

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: Crafting

In the crafting section of the store you can use Crafting Materials to make a number of skins. Crafting Materials are explained further down, but these are a type of currency you can find in Apex Packs.

This part of the store doesn't change week by week, it just grows over time.

Apex Legends Mobile Store Crafting
20,000 crafting materials for one item is absurd. | © EA

Apex Legend's Mobile Store: Syndicate Coins

This is where you exchange real-world money for the in-game premium currency: Syndicate Coin. It's going to be everyone's least favorite part of the store, but here it is:

Apex Legends Mobile Store Syndeicate Gold
The same price as Apex coin in the base game. | © EA

When Does The Apex Legends Mobile Store Reset?

The Apex Store reset's every week on Tuesdays at 12:00 PT (15:00 ET, 20:00 GMT, 21:00 CET). This is when the Weekly Update occurs, and you can usually expect bug fixes and balance changes to be implemented at the same time. So fear not, you'll never need to wait too long for that new Loba skin you were after.

Apex Legends Mobile Currency

In Apex Legends Mobile, there are three main currencies that can be used to unlock new items, and buy or craft cosmetics: Syndicate Gold, Seasonal Currency, and Crafting Materials.

Syndicate Gold

Syndicate Gold is the premium currency, it's directly exchanged for real world money. Syndicate Gold is basically V-Bucks, CoD Points, Riot Points, or VP, from similar games. Here's how much they cost:

Syndicate Gold USD



Seasonal Currency

Seasonal Currency is only available to earn, buy, and spend during events, and it does not transfer from event to event. You use this currency to buy special event items. But you can also earn this currency for free if you engage a lot with an event by completing challenges.

Crafting Materials

Crafting Materials are found in Apex Packs and can be used to craft cosmetics and skins. You can expect to find this many Crafting Materials when you get the following rarities in packs:

  • Common (Grey): 15
  • Rare (Blue): 30
  • Epic (Purple): 200
  • Legendary (Gold): 600

You cannot buy Crafting Materials with Syndicate Gold, unfortunately. Crafting Materials can only be acquired in Syndicate Packs.

That was your complete guide to the Apex Legends Mobile store. But now you've seen all the fancy cosmetics, which Legend will you be spending your coin on? Why not check our tier-ranking of every Legend to make sure you spend wisely...